The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5152

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5152-Wyot had already learned to accept fate. However, it did not mean he had

forgotten what had happened. He had suppressed his anger deep within his

heart. He was furious that Hetsema had brought Yemima to the Human

Universe’s Thirty-Third Heaven and exposed everything in front of the massive

crowd of powerhouses.

Wyot looked at Yemima, and his face darkened. He turned to James on the

podium, clenched his fists, and slowly began to approach.

James stared at Wyot as well.

Wyot stopped before him and said, “We must settle this matter, James. Even

though the Endlos is in peace, the Dooms and humans have been in conflict for

countless years. Let’s resolve it today, once and for all.”

“How are we going to resolve it?” James looked at Wyot.

Wyot replied, “It’s either you live or I live.”

James frowned. He did not like the way things had turned out. He had always

wanted to give Yemima a title. After all, they had a son together. However, he

was aware that Wyot and Yemima were in love. His relationship with Yemima

was a mere accident, a mistake that happened because of the conflict between

the humans and Dooms. All this while, James had chosen to avoid dealing with

this matter.

James looked at Wyot and said, “You’re no match for me.

You should leave with Yemima.”

Wyot turned around and looked at Yemima, who had tears rolling down her

cheeks. He roared, ‘You want me to just take her?! How will other people look at

me? How will I hold my head high in the future?!!”

Yemima could no longer stand the situation. She stepped forward and shouted,


Her voice echoed in the dojo. Then, she slowly stepped forward and stopped

before Wyot and James.

She looked at Wyot, whose appearance had aged significantly since they had

last met. His black hair had a few white strands mixed into them. He no longer

had an arrogant and naive demeanor like in the past. At that moment, he looked

mature and wise. While staring at his face, she regained her long-lost smile.

When he returned to the Dooms, he felt betrayed after he learned Yemima was

pregnant with James’ child. After she gave birth to Hetsema, he imprisoned her

in a dungeon and forced her to live in the dark. He deeply regretted his actions

back then. Things would never have come to this if he had been more generous

and treated Hetsema as his child.

Yemima shook her head and replied, “No. I’ve never hated you. I only hate my


She choked back her tears, looked at James, and said, “I’ve never hated you

either, James. I just hate that I was not born in a peaceful era. Why did it have to

be in a time when the humans and Dooms are in conflict?”

Yemima looked at the two men with teary eyes.

“I’m not clean anymore, Wyot. I’ve let you down. I’m sorry I couldn’t be your

woman in this life. I hope in my next life, I can be yours.”

Her voice permeated the dojo. Immediately afterward, her body began

disintegrating, and her soul was undergoing reincarnation.

‘Yemima…” Wyot roared out in despair, but he did not stop her.


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