The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5153

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5153-With Wyot’s current strength, he could stop Yemima’s reincarnation. However,

he wanted to respect her decision.

“James, please take good care of Hetsema…” Yemima’s soul gradually

dissipated, and her voice echoed in the dojo.

Hetsema felt regretful after seeing how things had unfolded. He did not expect

his actions to lead to Yemima’s reincarnation. Despite that, he felt it might have

been for the best.

The dojo was full of powerhouses from throughout the Endlos. However, it was

completely silent.

Wyot murmured as he watched Yemima reincarnate, “I’ll be waiting for you,

Yemima. I’ll wait for you to reincarnate. Even if I have to travel to the ends of the

world, I’ll find you.”

Under countless gazes, he walked through the void and left the dojo. Then, he

departed from the Human Universe’s Thirty-Third Heaven.”

James fell silent. The outcome was not one he wanted to see, yet it felt the most

suitable ending.

“I’ll continue with the conference,” said James.

Hetsema did not stay after the conference continued.

James shared his cultivation knowledge in detail.

Meanwhile, Wyot had already left. He had already entered

the Sovereign Rank, so he could easily find Yemima’s reincarnated self.

In a particular district within the Endlos full of fiend energy, a fox was born.

The fox was born on a planet where demons were rampant. However, Wyot

secretly protected her and gave her guidance in cultivation. Soon, the fox could

transform into a human form.

The fox was none other than Yemima, who was reincarnated into the Fiend

Race. Despite that, Wyot still guarded her.

An epoch later, James’ conference came to an end. He left the dojo, leaving the

cultivators to continue to ponder on the material he had shared.

James was the current Endlos Lord, and since he had restored the Endlos

Heavenly Path, everything in the Endlos was under his detection. He could

easily gain intel on Wyot’s every move.

After learning of Wyot’s latest movements, James took a deep breath and

murmured, “Perhaps this is Wyot and Yemima’s happily ever after.”

James headed to a palace in the Human Universe’s Heavenly Court. He sat at

the palace entrance and watched Wyot and Yemima. He drank some wine, and

a smile formed on his face.

At that moment, Thea walked over, wearing a black dress, and sat beside him.

Thea was a peerless powerhouse and successfully entered the Sovereign Rank

within an epoch. She too, could easily gain insight into Wyot’s life.

Thea asked smilingly, “Are you regretting it?”

James replied, “Why would I?”

Thea answered, “She’s Hetsema’s mother, after all. Now that she has been

reincarnated, she’s forgotten everything about her previous life and is with Wyot

now. Don’t you regret it?”

James smiled and said, “Of course, I have some regrets. However, I can’t force

her. I’ve wanted to give her a title, but I know she doesn’t have feelings for me.

Even if she did, it was only because of Hetsema.”

He took a deep breath and said, “It might just be the perfect ending for

everyone. Besides, you’re more than enough for me.”

After speaking, he embraced Thea.


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