The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5154

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5154-After Yemima was reincarnated, Wyot stayed by her side.

Meanwhile, James temporarily stayed in Mount Bane after the conference.

His conference greatly inspired many cultivators.

King Marciais had a breakthrough into the Sovereign Rank and reached the

Marciais Path’s Sixteenth Rank. He was at the same achievement in the Martial

Path. However, his cultivation rank had surpassed James.

Soon, Taran also entered the Sovereign Rank.

The Endlos finally had a few more additions of powerhouses at the Sovereign

Rank and was no longer classified as a lower-ranked plane. It had evolved into

a middle-ranked plane.

The lower-ranked planes did not have powerhouses at the Sovereign Rank.

Even if they managed to produce a powerhouse at the Sovereign Rank, it would

be at the expense of the entire plane’s resources.

After James finished the conference, he lived carefreely in the Endlos.

One certain day, many epochs later, his peaceful days were broken.

It had been a thousand epochs since James’ conference. Outside the Endlos

Plane, a massive flying battleship with more than a hundred living beings had


“There’s a plane ahead of us. Let’s go check it out.”

A rather handsome man wearing a white robe stood inside the flying battleship

and looked at the Endlos Plane.

The battleship rapidly approached the Endlos Plane and soon passed the

barrier, entering into the Endlos’ Dark World.

As soon as the unidentified battleship appeared, the Endlos’ powerhouses that

had reached the Sovereign Rank detected their presence.

James stood atop a mountain and looked toward the Dark World with a frown.

Thea also stood up. She took his hand and asked, “What’s wrong?”

After speaking, Thea sensed the unfamiliar aura from the Dark World. Her

brows furrowed as she said, “Living beings from another plane have entered the


James replied, “Yeah. We still don’t know where they’re from, so let’s not act

rashly. We should find out the reason they’ve entered the Endlos first.”

“Okay.” Thea nodded.

Meanwhile, in a particular district of the Endlos, Wyot was leaning casually on a

big tree. Beside him was Yemima, who had been reincarnated as a Fiend with

the same appearance as her past life.

At that moment, Wyot sensed the presence of intruders in the Endlos Plane.

After a brief shock, he chose to ignore it. There were so many other

powerhouses in the Endlos, and he did not need to intervene.

King Marciais, who was in the Orstellen Sect, wore a frown. He said, “The

Endlos Plane has intruders.”

Gurgen, Gaius, Taran, and other powerhouses also detected the powerful living

beings entering the Endlos Plane.

However, nobody acted rashly since James had not done anything yet.

Everyone suppressed their auras and hid, planning to find out the intruders’

motives first.

The flying battleship kept advancing through the Dark World. Soon, they were

out of the darkness and had entered the Endlos Plane.

A beautiful woman said, “This plane is rather weak. They don’t even have a

powerhouse at the Sovereign Rank yet.”

The woman wore a white dress and had a beautiful figure. After the battleship

entered the Endlos Plane, she scanned the entire area. However, she could not

detect any notable powerhouses.

The group’s commander replied, “Since we’re already here, let’s look around.”

The flying battleship continued moving forward, traversing through the different



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