The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5155

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5155-Soon, the flying battleship appeared in the Human Universe.

The unknown invaders could sense the Human Universe was the Endlos

Plane’s core, as the luck gathered was the strongest. Therefore, if the Endlos

Planee had powerhouses, they would be within the Human Universe.

The massive battleship carrying hundreds of living beings stopped outside the

Human Universe’s Heavenly Court.

A man alighted the battleship, looked toward the South Heaven Gate, and

shouted, “Who’s in charge here?”

Shortly after, Jacopo walked outside the South Heaven Gate and stared warily

at the flying battleship ahead of him. He replied, “I’m the Lord of the Human

Universe’s Heavenly Court. What’s your origin, and why are you here?”

Although Jacopo was also a powerhouse, he was not strong enough to sense

that the living beings before him were from another plane.

The intruder’s commander answered, ‘We’re disciples from the Central Plane’s

Dieux Academy. We’re traveling to other planes to hand out invitations to recruit

new disciples.”

‘The Central Plane?” Jacopo was startled.

He never expected the living beings before him to be from the Central Plane.

After a brief shock, Jacopo recollected himself and responded, “I’m sorry. We’re

not interested in traveling to the Central Plane, nor do we want to join other


Please leave.”

“Hmph!” One of the Dieux Acadeem/s disciples snorted and said, “Ungrateful.

You’ve no idea how big the world outside this plane is. Do you even know what

kind of place is the Central Plane? Do you understand how strong the Dieux

Academy is?”

“I don’t care what kind of place you’re from. You’re not welcome here. Get lost…”

Jacopo did not take the outsiders seriously nor did he care they were from the

Central Plane.

The intruder’s commander stepped forward and said, “Don’t act rashly. Our

mission is to recruit talented powerhouses for the academy. We’re not here to

cause trouble.”

‘There can’t be any powerhouses in this small plane. I think we should just


James watched everything from Mount Bane.

Thea, who was beside him, asked, “What kind of place is the Dieux Academy?

Why are they recruiting disciples from other planes?”

James said nonchalantly, ‘The Dieux Academy is a powerful force in the Central

Plane. In terms of overall strength, it should be among the top ten. Emyr Island’s

Lord, Fenton, is ranked as one of the top ten strongest powerhouses.

However, these rankings were made up by some random people. There are

countless powerhouses in the Central Plane, but they rarely show themselves

publicly. Thus, most are left out of the rankings since they aren’t known to the


‘The comprehensive strength of Emyr Island isn’t impressive in the Central

Plane. Any powerful plane in the Central Plane could easily destroy them.”

In James’ previous life, he was the Supremusseum’s Lord Supremus. Thus, he

was well-informed about the Central Plane’s affairs.

‘The Dieux Academy’s ruler is a powerhouse at the peak of the Great Celestial

Rank. However, I don’t know if he has made any breakthroughs after all these


“Great Celestial Rank?” Thea glanced at James puzzledly.

The Sovereign Rank was no longer a myth in the Endlos, and many

powerhouses were already aware beyond it was the Celestial Rank.

However, Thea did not know the Celestial Rank was also categorized. In fact,

nobody else on the Endlos Plane knew about it except for James and Emyr

Island’s powerhouses, who were reincarnated. However, none of them ever

spoke about it.

James nodded lightly and said, “Yeah. The Celestial Rank has a few sub-ranks.

There’s the Petit Celestial Rank, Great Celestial Rank, Martial Celestial Rank,

and Holy Celestial Rank.

‘The Holy Celestial Rank is the greatest achievement a cultivator can reach. A

powerhouse that reaches the Holy Celestial Rank can dominate tens of

thousands of planes and stand above countless other powerhouses.”


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