The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5156

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5156-Thea was puzzled by how James knew about the Central Plane’s situation.

Surprised, she asked, “Are there many powerhouses at the Holy Celestial Rank

in the Endlos Plane?”

James shook his head lightly and said, “It’s the same as how the Sovereign

Rank was to the Endlos Plane some time ago. It might be a legend, or perhaps

a few people have already entered the rank.”

Thea asked, “How did you know all this?”

James did not answer her question. Instead, he said, “Let’s go meet the Dieux

Academy’s disciples.”

After speaking, he walked away. The next moment, he had already appeared

outside the South Heaven Gate. Thea followed behind him.

Jacopo immediately put away his weapon after seeing his parents. He called out

to them, “Dad, Mom.”

“Mhm.” James nodded lightly in response.

The Dieux Acadmy’s senior disciple, who was leading the group, turned to

James. He was shocked after failing to detect James’ cultivation base. He was

sensible and did not dare to act recklessly. He clasped his hands and said, “I’m

the senior disciple of the Dieux Academy’s Mount Morroewa, Ziyad Lubair. May I

ask for your name?”

James looked at Ziyad. Although James had not entered the Sovereign Rank,

he regained the memories of his previous life and had strong detection skills.

With a glance, he could tell Ziyad’s cultivation rank was at the Sovereign Fifth


“It’s James Caden.”

After casually introducing himself, James reached out his hand and said, “Since

you’re hereto hand out invitations to recruit disciples, give them to me.”

Before Ziyad could speak, a disciple interjected, saying, ” You think you can

have an invitation so easily, brat?”

James’ calmness got on the disciple’s nerves.

“You’re too noisy.”

James looked at the disciple, who had reached the Sovereign Rank, and

teleported before him. Before the disciple could react, James had already struck

him into the distance.


The Dieux Academy’s disciples were furious and immediately drew their


James looked at them calmly and said, “You’re in the Endlos Plane. It doesn’t

matter where you’re from. In the Endlos Plane, you follow our rules.”

Ziyad immediately shouted, “Stand down!”

The group of disciples stepped back.

Ziyad approached James and stared at him.

The disciple who had been knocked away returned with minor injuries. He

looked at Ziyad and said, “You must avenge me!”

Ziyad waved his hand, signaling him to stop talking.

“I never expected to encounter such a powerful person in a small plane like


Ziyad had been trying to see through James’ cultivation base but was to no


James looked at him and said calmly, “What’s the matter? You want to test my

strength? Let’s get to it then. I’d like to see if your Sovereign Fifth Rank’s power

is stable.”

Ziyad was surprised James could sense his cultivation rank. After a brief

hesitation, he replied smilingly, “We were ordered to select talented candidates

to be recruited as disciples. We’re not here to cause trouble.”

Then, he took out an invitation and said, ‘Take this invitation to the Dieux

Academy, and you’ll be immediately accepted as a disciple.”

“Only one?” James frowned.

Ziyad stared at him and asked, “Is it not enough?”

James replied casually, “Of course. The Endlos Plane has so many talented

powerhouses. One invitation is insufficient. I won’t ask for too much. Just a few

tens of thousands would do.”


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