The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5157

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5157-Ziyad’s face twitched at James’ words. He frowned and said, “What do you take

the Dieux Academy for? Do you think anyone can just join? It’s already an honor

for your plane to receive an invitation.”

James responded smilingly, “But it’s not enough.”

After the Dieux Academy showed up, James devised a plan. He wanted to bring

a few of the Endlos’ powerhouses to the Diuex Academy. After all, the Dieux

Academy was considered one of the Central Plane’s top ten forces.

Although it ranked at the bottom of the top ten, they were a neutral force with

good relations with many influential families and sects. The Endlos Plane was

still relatively weak and needed strong support.

Additionally, James could not regain his previous cultivation base if he were to

remain in the Endlos. In his past life, he had reached the Martial Celestial

Rank’s peak and was one step away from entering the Holy Celestial Rank. He

would need a lot of resources to regain his strength. Unfortunately, the Endlos

lacked resources. He had to go to the Central Plane and find a place to cultivate

without revealing his past life’s identity. The Dieux Academy was a great


Ziyad stared at James and said, “If more living beings from the Endlos Planee

wish to join the Dieux Academy, they can head to the Central Plane and

participate in the assessment. As long as they pass, they will qualify as disciples

of the

Dieux Academy.”

“Alright, I get it. You can leave now.”

James put away the invitation, waved his hand, and chased away his guests.

“Let’s go.”

Ziyad did not say anything more, either. He quickly issued an order, and his

group boarded the battleship. Soon, they left the Endlos Plane and entered the

Dark World.

‘That brat was too arrogant. Why didn’t you teach him a lesson, Ziyad?”

“Yeah. He’s from a small plane but was so cocky toward us.”

The Dieux Academy’s disciples were dissatisfied with James ‘ behavior.

Ziyad took a deep breath and said, “Before we departed, we were advised not to

underestimate any of these planes, especially the smaller ones. In some of

these smaller planes, really powerful cultivators might be hiding. I couldn’t see

his cultivation rank, but he saw right through me. I’ve cultivated a secret art

capable of hiding my aura, yet he still could sense my cultivation rank. It speaks

volumes about his strength.”

A disciple asked, “Is he really that strong?”

“He easily knocked away a cultivator at the Sovereign First Rank. He’s at least

at the Sovereign Second Rank. On top of that, I couldn’t even sense any power

fluctuation when he made a move. That means he used pure physical strength.

If his physical strength is already so terrifying, his cultivation base must be…”

Ziyad could not fathom James’ strength. He had a feeling James’ strength was

superior to his.

“Perhaps he is a powerhouse at the Petit Celestial Rank who chose to hide in a

small plane.” Ziyad shared his speculation.

‘The Petit Celestial Rank?”

The Dieux Academy’s disciples were startled by his remark.

Meanwhile, James was reading the invitation outside the South Heaven Gate.

Thea leaned over to take a look, but the inscriptions on the invitation were

unfamiliar to her. Even though she had entered the Sovereign Rank, she could

not comprehend them. She asked, ‘What’s written on it?”

James explained, ‘The invitation is equivalent to an exemption pass from the

assessment. If I go to the Dieux Academy with it, I’ll be immediately accepted as

a disciple.”

The date of the Dieux Academy’s disciple recruitment was also noted on the

invitation. After James saw the date, he thought to himself, ‘I didn’t know so

much time had passed.’

It had been a very long time since he had been reincarnated. James was

curious about how the Supremusseum that he had built from scratch was doing

and who was currently in charge. He also wanted to know the Central Plane’s

latest condition.

James was looking forward to returning to the Central Plane but was afraid of

encountering former enemies before he could regain his strength.

His former foes were top powerhouses and could easily destroy the Dieux

Academy. Even though the Dieux Academy was one of the Central Plane’s most

potent forces, it was only because of the many powerhouses they had raised in

the past. These powerhouses had already left the Dieux Academy but would

show up if the academy encountered danger.

The Dieux Academy’s close connections with these powerhouses allowed them

to rise to become one of the strongest forces in the Central Plane.


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