The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5158

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5158-Thea tugged James and asked, “What’s on your mind?”

James snapped back to reality, smiled, and replied, “It’s nothing.”

Jacopo looked at James and asked, “What are you planning to do next, Dad?”

James responded, ‘Til need to pay the Orstellen Sect a visit first.”

After speaking, he disappeared from sight. The next moment, he had arrived in

the Orstellen Sect.

Although the Human Univers and the Orstellen Sect were districts apart, James

could easily reach the place with just a thought since he was the Endlos Lord.

At the back of a particular mountain of the Orstellen Sect, Gaius and Gurgen

were playing chess. King Marcias watched from the side, trying to learn from


The chess they were playing was made up of different Paths. It was unlike

ordinary chess. Instead, they were exchanging cultivation knowledge.


A light ray fell on the ground, and a man appeared from it.

“You’re here?”

Gaius and Gurgen immediately halted their discussion.

King Marciais also turned to James.

They knew about the intruders from the Central Plane and were already

expecting James’ arrival.

King Marciais asked straightforwardly, “So what was it about?”

James walked over, sat down, and replied smilingly,” Nothing much. An

academy from the Central Plane came to recruit some disciples and gave me an

invitation. I’m planning to go to the Central Plane. You three willing to come with


King Marciais replied excitedly, ‘Yes! I’ve been waiting very long for this day.”

Gaius answered with a smile, “Sure. I’ve been guarding the Infinity Cities for

eons. Now that I’m finally free, life has gotten rather boring. I’d like to visit a

stronger plane and strive to reach a higher rank.”

Gurgen also agreed, saying, “Let’s go together.”

James thought for a while and said, “Here’s my plan. I want to set up a

formation around the Endlos Plane to protect it from intruders. The formation will

also prevent the Endlos’ living beings from leaving freely. One must at least be

at the Sovereign Rank to survive in other planes. Thus, I’ll only permit those who

have reached the Sovereign Rank to leave.”

“Alright.” James’ suggestion was unanimously accepted.

James elaborated, “Apart from the three of us who have reached the Sovereign

Rank. There’s also Thea, Taran, and Wyot. If there isn’t anything going on, it’ll

be the bunch of us heading to the Central Plane together. I’ll need to go speak

to them about it as well.”

King Marciais waved his hand and said, “Go ahead. We’ll wait for you here. Well

depart together once you’ve settled everything in the Endlos.”

“By the way…”

James suddenly thought of something and asked, “How is Hetsema doing these


King Marciais said smilingly, “He’s doing good and is constantly improving. He is

managing the Orstellen Sect and the Endlos’ districts pretty well. Plus, he’s very

talented. He can easily cultivate anything with just a few pointers.”

James said, “I mean his mental state.”

King Marciais replied, “He grew up with hatred and resentment. Fortunately, he

is doing better after Yemima has been reincarnated. He has a lot of potential. I’m

sure he’ll achieve great things sooner or later.”

James felt relieved with King Marciais’ reassurance. He had been worried

Hetsema would go down the wrong path. Luckily, his worries were unnecessary.

“I’ll take my leave first.”

James did not stay in the Orstellen Sect for long and quickly traveled to Mount

Hazeaf to see Taran.

After learning about James’ plan to go to the Central Plane, Taran immediately

agreed. He had always wanted to visit the Central Plane and meet the

powerhouses there.

Then, James went to look for Wyot.


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