The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5159

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5159-A beautiful woman was sitting in a lotus position within a cave on a snowy

mountain in a certain district of the Endlos. She was refining a very rare Snow

Lotus. A middle-aged man in a gray robe quietly stood aside, protecting her.

Suddenly, he sensed a visitor and immediately teleported outside of the cave.

James was already standing on the peak of a snow-capped mountain.

Wyot appeared on a mountain opposite him.

The two stared at each other for a while. Then, Wyot asked calmly, “What brings

you here?”

“The Central Plane’s Dieux Academy has handed me an invitation and wanted.

to recruit me as a disciple. I plan to gather a group of powerhouses from the

Endlos to head to the Central Plane together. I came to ask if you’re interested.”

James explained his intention.

Wyot was intrigued by the opportunity but was slightly hesitant. The Endlos was

enormous, yet it was nothing compared to the other planes. He wanted to

venture to the Central Plane. However, he did not want to give up his current


He had been staying with Yemima’s reincarnation all this while. His days were

peaceful and satisfactory.

After considering it, he replied, ‘Til stay here for now. I’ll go to the Central Plane

after I’ve enjoyed enough of my current life.”

For now, Wyot was happy with his life. Thus, James was already expecting

Wyot’s answer.

In fact, James wanted to have a powerhouse stay in the Endlos Plane and take

care of it. Wyot refusing to tag along was the perfect outcome.

James said, “After we leave, please take care of the Endlos Plane. You don’t

have to take care of all the trivial things, but if something major happens, I’m

counting on you to preside over the situation.”

‘That’s a given.” Wyot nodded lightly.

James disappeared from the snow-capped mountain but left a message for


“Goodbye for now. I’ll see you in the Central Plane.”

James’ voice echoed and gradually dissipated.

After meeting with Wyot, James returned to the Human Universe’s Heavenly


Many people had gathered in the Heavenly Court.

James looked at everyone in the hall reluctantly and said,” I’m planning to leave

the Endlos to head to the Central Plane.”

After this goodbye, there was no knowing when they would meet again.

“I would like to bring everyone with me to the Central Planee. However, it’s too

dangerous. It’ll be impossible to survive if not at the Sovereign Rank.”

James’ voice echoed throughout the hall.

“I’m going to set up a seal around the Endlos Plane. Anyone that has entered

the Sovereign Rank can pass through the seal and travel to the Central Plane.”

“James, I…” Thea had a hesitant expression.

“What’s wrong?” James turned to Thea.

Thea looked at their children and said, “I’m reluctant to part with our children

right now. How about you head to the Central Plane first? I’ll stay here for a

while, then come to reunite with you later?”

‘This…” James frowned.

He planned to travel with Thea to the Central Plane.

The Central Plane was vast and dangerous, so he was worried she would not

be able to meet up with him after arriving there. At the same time, he was afraid.


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