The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5160

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5160-James also turned to their children and saw their sad expressions. He instantly

felt reluctant to leave. However, it was necessary. Even if they could live

peacefully in the Endlos for some time, it would not last forever. He had to gain

a foothold in the other planes in order to ensure his family’s peace.

He waved his hand, and several magical inscriptions emerged, then floated

toward his children.

“These inscriptions contain the cultivation methods of some of the best

Supernatural Powers from the Central Plane.

Study them well, and it’ll be beneficial when you guys finally travel to Central


In James’ previous life, he almost perished in his enemies’ hands. Although he

had not regained his strength, he had memories of his past. He used to be at

the peak of the Martial Celestial Rank and was one of the strongest

powerhouses in all of the planes. He had cultivated countless Supernatural

Powers in his past life, all of which were extraordinary.

He converted a few of the Supernatural Power’s cultivation methods into

inscriptions and handed them to his children. Then, he caressed Thea’s face

and said, “Since you want to stay here for now, I’ll respect your wish. Come to

the Central Plane whenever you feel like it.”

James let go of Thea’s face. Afterward, he summoned an inscription and

handed it to Thea, saying, “Take this. You can use it to locate me when you

arrive in the Central Plane.”

“Alright.” Thea nodded lightly. She took the inscription and waved goodbye to


James scanned the hall, looking at each of everyone present.

“Wait for me, James! I’ll work hard and strive to enter the Sovereign Rank soon.

Then, I’ll come look for you in the Central Plane.” Henry was the first to break

the silence.

Henrik approached and said reluctantly, “This day has finally come. It’s a pity I

haven’t entered the Sovereign Rank yet. Otherwise, I could also accompany you

to the Central Plane.

I will focus on cultivating so I can reunite with you in the Central Plane as soon

as possible.”

Yardos said, “Wait for me, James!”

After looking at everyone’s faces, James left the hall.

“I’ll leave some Supernatural Powers created by some powerful Lord of Planes

throughout the Endlos. I can’t be biased and only leave them to the humans. It’ll

be up to you to find them.”

James’ voice echoed, and a mysterious inscription appeared in the Human

Race’s Heavenly Court.

“This, on the other hand, is a Supernatural Power called the Genesis Path

Scripture. It contains the Genesis Path of all planes. If you master the Genesis

Path Scripture, you’ll gain broader insights, and it’ll boost your cultivation

progress significantly. It’ll also help you reach the Martial Celestial Rank.”

James’ voice gradually dissipated. Although he would be leaving the Endlos, he

had left a great treasure for the humans.

The Genesis Path Scripture was his lifelong creation in his previous life. He

created it after being inspired by the various Genesis Paths of the other planes.

He had left his past self’s Supernatural Power for them. As for how much they

could comprehend, it was up to them.

A few women stood in the main hall disappointedly.

“In the end, he still had to leave.” Waleria, who wore a purple dress, sighed.

Several other women also wore sad expressions. However, they knew they

were not destined to have deeper relationships with James.

Sienna walked over to Thea and said, “Briana! I’ll be leaving the Heavenly

Court. I’ve stayed here for too long, and it’s about time I go out to explore.

need to catch up to you and enter the Sovereign Rank.”

After bidding farewell, Sienna left.


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