The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5161

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5161-‘Thea.” Maxine approached.

Thea turned in her direction and greeted her, “Maxine.1 “I’ll be leaving as well.

See you soon.” Maxine clasped her hands and turned to leave.

Many of the humans left the Heavenly Court. The Endlos was temporarily safe,

and they wanted to seize the chance to explore it.

At that moment, Thea suddenly sensed an oil lamp in the Dark World connected

to the Endlos. The oil lamp swayed and emitted a faint light, slightly illuminating

the Dark World.

“That’s Emperor Raiah’s oil lamp.”

Thea was surprised after sensing the oil lamp. She had a vague knowledge of it

and knew Emperor Raiah left it behind.

After Emperor Raiah injured the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Great Commander, he

successfully forced the Extraterrestrial Army to retreat. However, he chased

after the Great Commander.

James had speculated Emperor Raiah had already left the Endlos and entered

the Central Plane. The oil lamp that he had left in the Dark World was to act as a

guide for future generations. However, it seemed James’ conjecture was wrong.

Thea felt something familiar about the oil lamp, and it connected with a certain

power in her body.

Suddenly, the oil lamp’s light vanished.

Thea tried to detect it again but was to no avail.

Although she found it strange, she did not continue investigating further.

Meanwhile, James had arrived in the Orstellen Sect.

King Marciais, Gaius, Gurgen, and Taran had already gathered, waiting for him.


A light ray fell to the ground, and James appeared before them.

The four men said simultaneously, “He’s here.”

“Mhm.” James nodded.

King Marciais asked, “Have you settled everything here?”

“I’m almost done. I just need to set up a formation. Please wait for me a bit

longer. Well depart after I set up the formation to protect the Endlos.”


James left the Orstellen Sect and began setting up the formation.

Although his current cultivation base was limited, he had memories of his

previous life. Thus, his formation could not be broken even by a powerhouse at

the Celestial Rank from the outside. However, a powerhouse at the Sovereign

Rank could leave the Endlos Plane from the inside.

After setting up the formation, James waved his hand and summoned a few

inscriptions containing Supernatural Powers. The inscriptions flew into the

Endlos Plane.

James knew it was impossible for him to return to the Supremusseum. Since he

could create the Supremusseum, he was confident in creating another powerful

plane. He wanted the Endlos Plane to become a powerful existence amongst

the countless planes in the future.

The Supernatural Power he had left to the humans could help them reach the

Martial Celestial Rank.

As for the other Supernatural Powers he left throughout the Endlos could help

cultivators reach the Great Celestial Rank.

The Endlos would be peaceful for some time and would not be invaded by

foreign enemies. It would usher in a prosperous era, and many powerhouses



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