The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5162

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5162-After James had completed everything, he returned to the Orstelleen Sect to

meet up with King Marciais and the others.

As soon as they reunited, they did not linger any longer and immediately

departed. They quickly entered the Dark World and headed toward the Central


Somewhere in the Endlos, a man stood in the center of a city and looked into

the Dark World.


A woman appeared and called out to him, “Wynton.”

Wynton looked at Zella and said smilingly, “I’m really happy you still think of me

as your brother.”

Zella replied warmly, “No matter who you were in your past life, you’re my

brother in this life.”

“By the way…” Wynton recalled something and asked, “Can you see through

James’ origins?”

Zella looked at him and asked, “Why do you ask?”

Wynton thought for a while and answered, “I have a feeling he is someone

extraordinary. He’s way too mysterious.

Moreover, it’s strange for the Great Elder to suddenly reincarnate. I can’t believe

a powerhouse at the Sovereign Third Rank would just choose to reincarnate.”

Zella shook her head and said, “I can’t see through him.”

“Forget it.” Wynton put the topic aside and said, “You should go back, Zella. I

have to continue neutralizing the karma on me right now. After I’m done, I’ll

return to Emyr Island.”

Wynton gently waved his hand and dragged his injured body away.

Zella silently watched him walk away, and then she also left.

Meanwhile, Xezal sat in the main hall of the Dooms. She propped her chin up

and looked outside with a bored expression.

Her beautiful face was lethargic. She sighed and murmured, “James and the

other powerhouses have already left.

Theoretically, it’s the perfect time for me to conquer the Endlos. Yet, for some

reason, I have no desire to do so.”

Xezal was in low spirits. She had been waiting for James and the others to

leave. Now that they were gone, she was no longer motivated to conquer the

Endlos and was bored with her current life.

“Should I leave the Endlos Plane and check out the other planes too?” Xezal


She stood up and left the Dooms’ main hall. Then, he headed into the Dark

World and arrived at the seal James had placed around the Endlos.

Only cultivators that had reached the Sovereign Rank were allowed to pass

through the seal. However, Xezal managed to do so without any difficulties.

Meanwhile, James’ party was in the Dark World. While traveling through the

darkness, a voice broke the silence.

Gaius said, “James, you should brief us about the Dieux Academy’s disciple


Gurgen added, “Yeah. You should let us in on it first.”

James explained, “The Dieux Academy has sent a group of disciples to other

planes to look for talented powerhouses and hand out invitations. Those who

received an invitation will be exempted from the assessment and will be

recruited immediately.

“Also, with the invitation, I can bring others to partake in the assessment. No

matter what the results of the assessments are, even if everyone is defeated, at

least one living being from the assessment will be recruited as a disciple.

‘The assessment is also very straightforward. It’ll be a battle between the

different planes. Anyone who stands out will be recruited as a disciple and

rewarded generously.”

James briefly explained the invitation’s content.

King Marciais asked, “Do we stand a chance?”

James replied smilingly, “Of course. Except for me, you guys are at the

Sovereign Rank. With such a powerful party, even if we don’t rank high in the

assessment, It won’t be a problem for all of us to become disciples.”


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