The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5168

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5168-Everyone was stunned by James’ words.

The Genesis Holy Herb was a rare and precious item, yet James wanted to

share it with them.

James noticed their startled expressions and said smilingly, “Although it’s a rare

herb, we’re a team. You guys have great potential to have reached the

Sovereign Rank while in a lower-ranked plane. As long as you have enough

resources, you guys will become really powerful.”

His companions were talented, and he knew they would provide him with great

help in the future.

All of them looked at James gratefully.

James said, “Alright, let’s find a place to cultivate.”

He scanned the area and found it to be a suitable place.

With a wave of the hand, he set up a formation to block their auras from leaking

outside. It was also a time formation, saving them a lot of time.

The Genesis Holy Herb floated in the air, and the group sat in a lotus position

around it.

“I have a really good Supernatural Power to share.”

James looked at his companions and summoned an inscription.

Everyone looked at the inscription floating before James.

King Marciais asked, “What’s this?”

James explained, “It’s called the Genesis Path Scripture. A powerhouse from

the Central Plane created it. The Genesis Path Scripture contains the Genesis

Path of countless planes. It’s one of the best Supernatural powers in the Central

Plane and will benefit you guys significantly. Work hard to cultivate it.”

Everyone nodded in response.

Afterward, the group began to absorb the Genesis Holy Herb’s energy and

comprehend the Genesis Path Scripture.

James also began to cultivate. He had already reached the Consummation

Chaos Completare Rank and was a step away from the Sovereign Rank. Thus,

making a breakthrough into the next rank was relatively easy.

The Genesis Holy Herb emitted a dazzling light and powerful energy.

The energy dispersed into five and was absorbed by the group.

As soon as James absorbed the Genesis Holy Herb’s energy, his Blood Energy

churned, and a powerful force flowed through his body.


The sound of an explosion came from his body.

It was caused by James’ force breaking through his rank’s barrier. James’ aura

skyrocketed as soon as the explosion occurred, and a multicolored light ray

containing the energy of heavenly and earth fell from the sky.

James’ body underwent an enhancement. After successfully entering the

Sovereign Rank, his physical body was also improved.

He continued cultivating and absorbing the Genesis Holy Herb’s energy to

enhance his strength.

Soon, he went from the Sovereign Rank’s early stage to the late stage.

James kept improving until he unknowingly reached the Sovereign First Rank’s


Ultimately, he entered broke through into the Sovereign Second Rank. Then, he

finally halted his cultivation.

Even though the Genesis Holy Herb still had a lot of energy left, James stopped

absorbing it and left the remainder for his companions.

James looked at his companions. Seeing them wholeheartedly cultivating, he

did not bother them and walked out of the formation. He sat down on a boulder

and looked into the distance pensively.

Time passed quietly, and an epoch was gone in the blink of an eye.


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