The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5169

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5169-Countless epochs had passed inside the formation.

James had been waiting outside the formation for an epoch. Soon, Gaius made

a breakthrough into the Sovereign

Second Rank.

“You’re done?” James looked at Gaius, who walked out of the formation, and

asked while smiling, “How did it go?”

Gaius said in awe, “It was incredibly profound. I’ve only grasped the basics of it,

but it was like the door to a new world had opened. I gained a lot this time. With

the Genesis Holy Herb’s energy, I easily entered the Sovereign Second Rank.”

James nodded and said, “Good. The Genesis Path Scripture is the fruit of a

powerhouse’s lifelong hard work. It’s one of the most sought-after Supernatural


“Where did you get it from?” asked Gaius.

James smiled lightly in response.

Gaius was sensible and stopped pursuing the matter further.

Soon, King Marciais also left the formation. He approached while stretching his

body and said smilingly, ‘The Genesis Path Scripture is really magical. I’ve

benefited greatly after just having a preliminary understanding. I’ve entered the

Marciais Path’s seventeenth rank. I call it the Rebirth Rank.”

King Marciais had also reached the Sovereign Second Rank.

James named the Marciais Path’s sixteenth rank. It was called the Tressencia

Completare Rank. The seventeenth rank was an improvement based on the

Tressencia Completare Rank.

King Marciais transformed the Genesis Power he learned from the Genesis

Path Scripture into fire. Then, he burned his body, bloodline power, and soul to

enhance them to a higher level. As a result, he managed to reach the Marciais

Rank’s Seventeenth Rank.

“Oh?” James glanced at King Marciais.

The Marciais Path was very potent. In James’ previous life, he mainly focused

on his Paths and neglected his physical strength.

In the countless planes, there were countless powerhouses. Many of them had

come up with ways to improve their physical body. However, King Marciais’

method was the most effective.

Curious, James asked, “What kind of rebirth is it?”

King Marciais explained everything he had comprehended.

James was immediately enlightened. He sat to the ground, summoned his

Genesis Power, and converted it into a Genesis Path Fire. Then, he used it to

enhance his body, soul, and bloodline power. A powerful force surrounded him.

Gaius and King Marciais were startled by the sight.

They had just learned the Genesis Path Scripture and knew about Genesis

Power. However, they had yet to completely

cultivate Genesis Powers of their own.

Meanwhile, James easily unleashed Genesis Power from different planes to

enhance his body.

They stared at each other in shock.

Gauis asked, “Do you think the person who created the Genesis Path Scripture

is James?”

King Marciais said thoughtfully, ‘That’s most likely the case. James is too

mysterious. I wonder what else is hiding from us.”

The two watched as James cultivated.

James’ body, soul, and bloodline power improved continuously.

Soon, he reached the Marciais Path’s seventeenth rank. His physical strength

and cultivation base were enough to stand against a powerhouse at the

Sovereign Second Rank. With the addition of his Martial Path, he could even

take on an opponent at the Sovereign Third Rank.


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