The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5170

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5170-Back when James reached the Marciais Path’s sixteenth rank, he shared his

knowledge with King Marciais.

Now that King Marciais had reached the Maricias Path’s seventeenth rank, he

returned the favor. With James’ comprehension ability, he entered the

seventeenth rank without much effort.

“He’s insane.” King Marciais was shocked to see James improve so quickly.

When James reached the Marciais Path’s seventeenth rank, Gurgen and Taran

were still cultivating inside the formation.

James got together with Gaius and King Marciais again. He looked at Gaius and

said, “You should also learn the

Marciais Path. It focuses on pure physical strength and can help you awaken

your flesh, soul, and bloodline’s power.

There’s no loss in cultivating it. If you’re faced with an opponent at the same

rank, it’ll give you an upper hand.”

Gaius’ physical body was decent. However, he did not cultivate the Marciais

Path or focus on improving his physical strength.

“Alright.” Gaius nodded lightly.

King Marciais asked smilingly, “What are your plans for the future, James?”

“My plans?” James thought for a while.

He did indeed have plans. He wanted to become one of the strongest of the

countless planes again.

James looked at King Marciaias and said smilingly, “I plan to make the Endlos a

powerful plane, one of the strongest amongst the countless planes.

The group gathered and discussed their life, ideals, and ambitions. They all

aimed to improve themselves and protect the countless lives in the Endlos.

Soon, Gurgen also left the formation. After comprehending the Genesis Path

Scripture and absorbing the Genesis Holy Herb, he reached the Sovereign

Second Rank’s late stage. At the same time, he perfected his Thunderous


Taran was the last one within the formation.

Meanwhile, James and his four companions shared their insights after

cultivating. James also explained how to cultivate the Genesis Path Scripture in

detail, saving them a lot of effort.

Shortly after, Taran, who had also reached the late stage of the Sovereign

Second Rank, joined them.

The Genesis Holy Herb still had one petal left with energy. James put it away,

planning to use it next time.

James looked at Taran and asked, “How did it go?”

Taran said joyfully, “Not bad. After I studied the Genesis Path Scripture, my

understanding of Curse Magic and Corrupted Power had improved.” i

The group did not rush to leave. Instead, they spent more time sharing their

cultivation knowledge. They wanted to learn each other’s Supernatural Powers

and strive to perfect them together.

After staying in the area for a while, everyone successfully cultivated the

Marciais Path. Although they were not profound in it, they would eventually

catch up with James and King Marciais.

King Marciais, Gaius, and Gurgen also cultivated Taran’s Curse Magic.


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