The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5171

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5171-There was also Gurgen’s Thunderous Tribulations. Now, they could create

Tribulation Worlds that made enemies fall into tribulations.

Meanwhile, Gaius’ signature skill was also powerful. It was named Petrifaction,

which sounded simple but was actually magical. Upon using Petrifaction, one’s

body would undergo changes and turn as hard as a rock. At the same time,

one’s physical power would also increase. If used atop the Marciais Path, one’s

defense would be extremely terrifying.

A while later, James stood up and said, “It’s almost time. Let’s get to Dieux

Academy as soon as possible and participate in their assessment. The rewards

for this round’s discipleship assessment are really enticing.”

Since King Marciais and the others cultivated the Genesis Path Scripture, they

could understand the Central Plane’s language and were able to read the

invitation from Dieux Academy.

James continued, “The champion plane of this round’s assessment will get

Clover Spiritual Herbs. It’s a herb of the Celestial Rank and the best herb to

hone the physical body, soul, and bloodline. It’ll greatly help in cultivating the

Marciais Path.”

“Let’s win first place then,” vowed King Marciais.

Gaius also could not help but say, “The Endlos Plane is small, its existence

unknown to powerhouses of the Central Plane. This is our chance to make it


“Let’s go.”

After meditating in seclusion for some time, the group left the area in a hurry.

They reached a remote area in the southern part of the Central Plane.

Although the energy of heaven and earth there was strong, the space was

unstable. There were many spatial turbulences.

Besides, the place was connected to the Dark World. It was full of danger. One

would perish if careless.


Suddenly, James stopped in his tracks.

“What’s wrong?” King Marciais asked.

James sensed the area and said, “There’s a plane ahead that was born not too

long ago. It should have many rare Empyrean herbs.”

“Let’s go and have a look.” King Marciais was interested.

“Alright.” James nodded.

Then, he hurried forward.

After a while of traversing through the darkness, a plane came into view. There

was a distance between the group and the plane. They could see numerous

universes in the plane, including ones still being born.

“What a powerful plane.”

After taking a glance, James believed that if the plane continued to develop, it

would become a powerful plane. It would be several times more powerful than

the Endlos Plane.

‘This plane was born not too long ago. It still has many Empyrean treasures.”

James grew excited.

He did not expect to be so lucky after returning to Endlos.

First was the Genesis Holy Potion, then now a newly born plane.

“Are we going to invade it just like that?” Gaius frowned and said, “If we invade

the plane and take its treasures, how are we any different from Emyr Island?”

Gaius was born in Endlos. Thus, he knew well the catastrophes Endlos had to

endure following Emyr Island’s invasion.

Gaius had put in a lot of effort to protect Endlos.

Taran said, ‘This is the nature of the cultivation realm.

There’s no right or wrong, simply differing opinions. Even if we don’t invade the

plane and take its treasures, other powerhouses will invade it once they’ve

found it.”

James nodded lightly and said, ‘Taran is right. We can only be careful not to

harm the plane when taking its treasures.”

In his past life, this would not be a concern. If people refused to comply, he

would just kill them.

However, after all his experiences in this life, he came to understand many



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