The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5172

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5172-The aim was to get treasures without hurting people.

That was James’ attitude.

After all, the cultivation realm was cruel. It was hard to rise without obtaining


“Let’s go then,” said Gaius. He was greedy for treasures. His greed was further

fueled upon coming to know the benefits of the Genesis Holy Herb. He said, “I

wonder if there are Genesis Holy Herbs in this plane.”

With a smile, James said, “It’d be hard to find them. The Genesis Holy Herb is

rare. If rated according to quality, the Genesis Holy Herb qualifies as an herb of

the Celestial Rank.”

If the Genesis Holy Herb were not an herb of the Celestial Rank, the two

Celestial Rank powerhouses would not have put their lives at stake to fight for it.

Genesis Holy Herbs only formed when a plane failed to evolve. Thus, it was

extremely rare.

“Genesis Holy Herbs were only born in the Central Plane and a few other

powerful planes. The plane before us is advanced, but it can’t birth Genesis

Holy Herbs. Planes have different levels,” said James.

Everyone grew curious.

King Marciais asked, “How are the levels of the planes divided?”

James explained, ‘The planes are divided into eleven levels. The Central Plane

is the only tenth-level plane. It’s the core of many planes. Aside from that, there

are several ninthlevel powerful planes. The ninth-level planes aren’t much

weaker than the Central Plane. The powerhouses from the ninth-level planes

are top powerhouses even in the Central Plane.”

Gurgen asked, “What level is the Endlos Plane?”

James answered, “At most a third-level plane.”

The rest were disappointed upon hearing that. They thought Endlos would be of

a higher level. They did not expect it to only be a third-level plane. Such a lowlevel plane was considered to be the bottom of the many planes.

James continued, “Although the Central Plane and the other planes are

powerful, even Supremusseum, which is as powerful as the Central Plane, dare

not say it can defeat other planes. In the Central Plane, no one has the ability to

wipe out all the other planes.”

Upon hearing the legends of these planes, they were more curious about the

vast Central Plane and the other planes.

“James, since you understand the Central Plane and the other planes so well,

which is more powerful? The Central Plane and the other planes?”

When James heard that, he frowned.

After pondering for a while, he answered, “If the former

Central Plane and the other planes fought. Lord Supreme of Supremusseum

would be the strongest.”

In James’ previous life, he was the most powerful existence in the Central Plane

and the other planes.

His cultivation rank was at the peak of the Consummation Celestial Rank. He

was only one step away from the legendary Holy Celestial Rank.


James’ words took a sharp turn. He said, “Even though Lord Supreme was

peerless and disdainful of the planes, it was difficult for him to fight against so

many people alone. Thus, he died in the hands of his enemies.”

Everyone listened to James attentively.

James continued, ‘That battle shocked numerous planes. Many peerless

powerhouses from the ninth-level planes allied with the forces of the Central

Plane to siege Lord Supreme.”

James stopped talking.

The rest knew the outcome of the battle. Lord Supreme had fallen.

“By the way, don’t use the Genesis Path Scripture I taught you unless your lives

are at risk. Otherwise, things will become troublesome.”

Although they did not know why James advised this and what trouble it would

bring, they nodded.

After James talked about the past, he became melancholic.

In his past life, he saw the entire world as his enemy.

Many powerhouses of the ninth-level planes would be participating in the

upcoming battle, and numerous powerhouses of the Central Plane would make

a move.

It would be hard for James to flip the script in this life.

Even if he reached the cultivation rank of his previous life, he could not fight

against the enemies of his previous life.


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