The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5173

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5173-Hence, James wanted to create a more powerful plane. He wanted the people

by his side to be stronger.

That way, he would have more opportunities.

Otherwise, he would make the same mistake he did in his previous life.

He still had one more chance. He needed to enter the Holy Celestial Rank in

this life.

“What are you thinking about?” King Marciais pulled James over.

“Nothing.” James came back to his senses and said, “Let’s go and see what

treasures there are in this plane.”

The group hurried over to the plane ahead.

“James, what level is this plane?” Gaius asked.

After sensing the power of the plane ahead, James answered, “It can be

considered to be a fifth-level plane. It’s just that this plane was born not too long

ago. The space is unstable. Many universes are expanding and being born. If

no one invades and this plane develops peacefully, it will become an eighthlevel plane in the future.”

“It’s that strong?” Gurgen was stunned.

“Yeah. It’s that strong.” James nodded and said, “However, it’s impossible for it

not to be invaded. Many forces of the

Central Plane are continuously searching for newborn planes.”

Gaius asked, “Why are they seeking newborn planes?”

James said, ‘There are three goals.”

Curious, Taran asked, “What are the goals?”

James explained, “Firstly, they want to invade the plane to occupy the resources

in the plane and the Genesis Path of the plane. The Genesis Path of the Endlos

Plane is the three beams of the Endlos Light.

“Secondly, they want to control the plane and make it their subsidiary plane.

‘Thirdly, they want to forcefully occupy the plane and merge it with their own

plane. By doing so, they can improve the stability of their plane’s space and


Upon hearing that, everyone was puzzled.

From what they knew, James never left the Endlos Plane, so how did he find out

about all this?

Could it be that James used to be a powerhouse of the Central Plane and

reincarnated in Endlos?

Even though they were confused, they did not ask James about it.

It was because they trusted James. If James were willing to tell them about it,

he would do so without them asking.

The few of them hurried forward.

When they were about to enter the plane, they saw huge flying battleships in the


“Hold on,” said James.

He stared at the flying battleships in the distance and frowned. He said, ‘This

plane has been discovered. There is already a force preparing to invade the


“James, which force is it?” King Marciais asked.

James looked at the flag on the flying battleship.

On the flag was a mysterious pattern. At the center of the pattern was a wordAncient.

Around the word were several mysterious lines and words.

“It’s the Ancient Clan.”

James furrowed his brows.

Everyone looked at James.

Gaius asked, “Is the Ancient Clan a terrifying force?”

Sternly, James nodded and said, “They’re powerful. The Ancient Clan comes

from a ninth-level plane. The clan leader of the Ancient Clan is the lord of a

ninth-level plane. He created a powerful force in the Central Plane called the

Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain. It’s one of the Ten Great Forces of the

Central Plane.”


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