The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5174

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5174-The Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain was one of the Ten Great Forces of the

Central Plane.

Although Dieux Academy was also rated as one of the Ten Great Forces, the

overall strength of Dieux Academy was not very great. Dieux Academy relied

heavily on the countless powerhouses they had trained throughout the years.

The powerhouses did not stay in Dieux Academy for a long time. They would

only cultivate in Dieux Academy for a while.

Nonetheless, if Dieux Academy were in a predicament, the powerhouses would

help the academy.

Dieux Academy relied on the powerhouses to become one of the Ten Great


On the other hand, the Ancient Clan was extremely powerful and terrifying.

As for how Emyr Island obtained a spot as one of the Ten Great Forces in the

Central Plane following their previous invasion, it was because the ranking was

made by regular living beings.

There were many versions of the Ten Great Forces. Each powerhouse rated the

strength of the planes according to their opinion. The Ten Great Forces differed

from person to person.

Several living beings rated Emyr Island as one of the Ten Great Forces. This

was not due to Fenton, the Island Lord of Emyr Island’s power. In fact, his

cultivation rank was low, not even reaching the Petit Celestial Rank.

Fenton was a Grand Patriarch. He used to follow Lord

Supreme and was Lord Supreme’s subordinate. He was definitely powerful and

was one of the top powerhouses of Supremusseum.

Since Fenton as the Grand Patriarch joined Supremusseum and was the

subordinate of Lord Supreme, even though he had passed, to some, Emyr

Island was considered one of the Ten Great Forces.

It was only because of this that James got to know the name of Emyr Island’s

Island Lord. In actuality, Emyr Island was a small force.

James did not delve much into Emyr Island. He simply knew that its Grand

Patriarch died in battle during the chaos of Supremusseum. Had the Island only

had living beings at the Sovereign Sixth Rank, James would not have even

heard of them.

“What should we do?” King Marciais asked.

Gaius, Gurgen, and Taran looked at James.

James looked at the hundreds of flying battleships.

Each battleship was huge. It was as big as a star.

“Have you ever thought of killing people to obtain treasures?”

When James asked that question, everyone was stunned.

Taran took a deep breath and said, “What are you talking about? You already

said that they’re from a major clan of a ninth-level plane and they’re one of the

Ten Great Forces. Are you trying to lose your life?”

“James, calm down. Don’t act recklessly,” said King Marciais timely.

Gurgen advised, “If we can’t get the treasures, let’s forget about it and leave.

Perhaps we will meet other fortunes after leaving this place.”

The group advised James.

The Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain was one of the Central Plane’s Ten Great

Forces and was extremely terrifying.

They did not dare act recklessly.

On the other hand, James smiled and said, “Sure, they’re one of the Ten Great

Forces from a ninth-level plane, and they’re strong. However, they’re only a

patrol troop under the Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain. All powerful forces

routinely send patrol troops to scout the borders of the Central Plane. They

search for newborn planes and plunder ownerless planes. I can sense that this

troop isn’t very strong. We can annihilate them.”

King Marciais responded, “Even so, this troop is sent by one of the Ten Great

Forces. We don’t know how terrifying their

tactics are. Even if we killed them and obtained the treasures, it would be easy

for them to find out who did it.”

James smiled and said, “If I’m suggesting we make a move, that means I can

erase all our tracks.”

Upon hearing that, Taran was moved.

Gaius frowned and said, “We don’t have any grudges with them. I don’t think it’s

wise to kill them for the treasures.”

Taran said, “Do you not know even the simplest rule of the cultivation realm after

cultivating for so long? It’s a world where the strong eats the weak. You can rule

anything as long as you’re strong.”



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