The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5175

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5175-Gaius sighed.

James nodded and said, “Taran is right. Life is worthless in the cultivation realm.

Powerhouses control lives at will. As long as they don’t lose their conscience

and annihilate their Divine Soul, they can reincarnate.”

Upon hearing that, Gaius remained silent.

Perhaps he had stayed in Endlos for too long that he was not accustomed to the

outside world.

“Let’s do it.” King Marciais was ready to take action.

Gurgen also followed suit. “We can’t leave the Central Plane empty-handed.

The treasures are right in front of us. We can’t turn back now.”

King Marciais looked at James and asked, “What’s your plan?”

James smiled and said, “It’s simple. Well close off this area and mask it from the

powerhouses of the Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain. They won’t be able to

see what’s going on. Once they enter the plane, I’ll cast a formation to hide the


“What a tactic.” King Marciais gave James a thumbs up.

James laughed.

Then, they followed the flying battleships in the dark.

As the flying battleships were approaching the plane, several living beings in

armor with weapons in their hands appeared.


The living beings stopped the flying battleships from entering the plane.

Taran was taken aback. He asked, “What’s going on?”

“They’re the patrollers of this plane.”


The group looked at James.

James explained, “There’s an extremely powerful force in the Central Plane

called Elysium Hall. The Master of Elysium Hall is the lord of the Central Plane.

These patrollers are disciples of Elysium Hall. Their mission is to protect

newborn planes and prevent other forces from invading and destroying the

planes. If a force invades and destroys the plane, the force will be punished by

Elysium Hall.”

Upon hearing that, Gaius asked, “If so, why are there still so many forces

wanting to invade and occupy other planes?”

James sneered and said, “Before absolute benefits, rules are useless.


He continued, “Even though Elysium Hall is powerful and is known as the

number one force of the Central Plane, there are still many powerhouses that

they need to respect.

They’ll turn a blind eye if the forces of these powerhouses invade other planes.

However, weaker forces have to act in secret.

“Let’s take Emyr Island as an example. Emyr Island wouldn’t dare appear in

Endlos openly. That’s why they secretly invaded Endlos through the Tribulation

World and the

source of Endlos’ birth.”

Once James finished explaining, everyone understood.

Curious, King Marciais asked, “Is the lord of the Central Plane stronger than

Lord Supreme?”

Previously, James had said that Lord Supreme was the number one

powerhouse of all planes.

Now, there was the lord of the Central Plane, which made King Marciais curious.

The rest were curious too.

James smiled and said, “Although they’re both at the peak of the Martial

Celestial Rank, they haven’t fought against each other before.”

“Since they’ve never fought, how do you know that Lord Supreme is the

strongest?” King Marciais rolled his eyes.

James laughed and said, “Even though the master of Elysium Hall controls the

Central Plane and can summon the power of the Central Plane, Lord Supreme

isn’t beneath him. Lord Supreme created the Genesis Path Scripture. He can

summon the Genesis of countless planes. Thus, I believe that Lord Supreme is


The few looked at James strangely.

“If Lord Supreme created the Genesis Path Scripture, does that mean you’re



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