The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5165

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5165-Anyone with power in the Central Plane would recognize the two powerhouses.

However, James was clueless about their identity.

He raised his hand and summoned a few inscriptions. The inscriptions

transformed rapidly and formed a cloud pattern.

‘The Supremusseum?”

The man and woman were stunned after seeing the mysterious cloud pattern.

The powerhouses immediately stood up and knelt on one knee, disregarding

their injuries.

They greeted him respectfully, “Sir.”

The Supremusseum was one of the most terrifying forces in the Central Plane.

The Supremusseum Cloud was a representation of the Supremusseum, and

there were only about three people who could summon it.

For James to have summoned the cloud pattern, it was evident he was

someone powerful of the Supremusseum.

James dispersed the cloud pattern and said, ‘That’s enough. You can get up.”

The two carefully got back to their feet.

James walked over, looked at them, and asked, “What’s your origin?”

The man replied, “I’m Shade Eaves from the Sphere Sect.

The woman followed up, saying, “I’m Yolanda Jacklin from the Absolute Sect.”

“I see.” James nodded lightly.

He had heard of the two sects before.

Curious, Shade asked, “May I ask who might you be, Sir?”

Shade was at the Celestial Rank. Although ordinary cultivators in the Endlos

could not sense James’ cultivation rank, Shade could easily tell James was only

at the Consummation Chaos Completare Rank. Despite not even stepping into

the Sovereign Rank, James summoned the Supremusseum Cloud. He

wondered if James was the Lord Supremus’s descendant.

Yolanda was also curious.

“I’ll take the Genesis Holy Herb.”

James did not answer Shade’s question. Instead, he demanded to have the

Genesis Holy Herb.

‘This…” Shade and Yolanda glanced at each other.

“What? Is there a problem?”

Yolanda said, “N-No. However, we were fighting with our lives for it. You just

showed up and want to claim it. You should at least tell us your name.”

Shade also agreed, saying, “She’s right. You can’t just take it from us after

showing us the Supremusseum Cloud.”

“Is that not enough?” James glared at them.

Shade quickly replied, “N-No, that’s not what I mean. You can take it, but you

should give us your name at least, right?”

Although Shade behaved respectfully toward James, he was reluctant to just

give up the Genesis Holy Herb. He could sense that James’ cultivation rank was

really low. Even if he were the descendant of Lord Supremus, Shade was

confident in killing him.

They were in a remote area of the Central Plane. No matter how powerful the

Supremusseum was, it would be difficult for them to trace the killer.


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