The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5166

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5166-Yolanda had the same thoughts. However, they were unsure whether

powerhouses were protecting James in the secret. If that were the case, they

would be digging their graves if they were to take action.

Still, the Genesis Holy Herb was scarce. They had been stuck in their current

cultivation rank for a long time. With the Genesis Holy Herb, their cultivation

base would improve significantly, and they might have a breakthrough.

James could read what was on their minds and frowned.

After thinking for a while, James said, “Do you know about the internal conflict

within the Supremusseum?”

The two replied simultaneously, “Yeah.”

James elaborated, “The founder of the Supremusseum, Lord Supremus, almost

perished in that battle.”

“Isn’t he already dead?” Shade was stunned.

Yolanda had also heard about the incident. Although she was rather weak back

then, the battle caused a

considerable commotion. Thus, it was impossible for her not to have heard

about it. She replied, “The current Lord Supremus has announced the death of

their founder.”

“Hmph,” James sneered and said, “Everyone in the Central Plane thought I

died. However, I’ve mastered countless Supernatural Powers. Back then, my

soul was almost

destroyed. Fortunately, a small portion of my soul managed to escape. I was

reincarnated and have lost everything. I must claim them back with my own


“…” Shade and Yolanda were flabbergasted.

“Y-You’re the former Lord Supremus?’

“Are you James Caden, the founder of the Supremusseum?”

The realization completely dumbfounded them.

After James summoned the Supremusseum Cloud, they thought he was the

descendant of an influential figure of the Supreemusseum. It never crossed their

mind that the person before them was the former Lord Supremus.

James replied calmly, “That’s right. Now, I really need the Genesis Holy Herb.

It’ll help me rapidly regain my strength. I can give you two some benefits.”

The two looked at him.

James said slowly, “I’ve just returned from a lower-ranked plane, so I can’t

expose my identity yet since I’m still really weak. I need the help of you two. I’ll

give you the chance to protect me in secret. After I regain my strength, I’ll give

you whatever your heart desires.”

He did not know whether his offer was enough for the two powerhouses before

him. James was gambling with his life. Both of them fell into thought. It was

indeed an enticing opportunity forthem.

James, the former Lord Supremus, was a legendary existence in the Central

Plane. He used to be at the peak of

the Martial Celestial Rank and was close to reaching the Holy Celestial Rank.

“The cultivation methods the two of you possess will only help you reach the

Great Celestial Rank’s early stage. It will be hard to go beyond that. If you agree

to my condition, I’ll hand you two an extraordinary cultivation method. If you

work hard to cultivate it, you’ll easily enter the Martial Celestial Rank.”

James continued to entice them.

“You two must’ve heard of the Genesis Path Scripture, right? I created it in my

past life. I’m the only one that has

perfected it. If you promise to serve me for some time, I’ll pass the Genesis Path

Scripture to both of you. It’ll be much more useful than the Genesis Holy Herb.”

The two were intrigued when they heard about the Genesis Path Scriptures.

The Genesis Path Scriptures was an exceptional Supernatural Power that had

been around for a long time. However, even the current Lord Supremus had not

mastered it. It would greatly benefit their cultivation process.

‘Til do it.” Yolanda was the first to speak.

“Me too,” Shade also quickly agreed.


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