The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5176

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5176-In James’ previous life, he was unbothered.

Now, his previous life was only a past form to him. It was a part of the

Tressencia Completare Art.

If his current form’s ability increased, the power of his past form that he could

use would also increase.

He did not make his past life’s identity clear.

With a smile, he said, “I’m not Lord Supreme. I just obtained Lord Supreme’s

inheritance by chance. Also, please don’t tell anyone about these matters. Lord

Supreme’s enemies are powerful and terrifying. Letting other people know about

this will bring trouble.”

In the distance, a patroller blocked the path of the flying battleships.

An elder walked out of the flying battleship in the lead.

The elder wore a gray robe. Looking at the patrollers blocking his way before

him, he greeted, “We are the Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain. I’m Brett Glen.”

With a heavy expression, the leader of the patrollers said, ” This plane has

potential. It reached the fifth level as soon as it was born. In the future, it will

become a huge plane.

Please go back. Don’t taint this plane.”

The patrollers knew the reason the Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain was here.

They were not respectful toward the Ancient Clan.

Upon seeing this, Gaius could not help but say, “If Endlos had the protection of

patrollers when it was born, it wouldn’t have suffered so much.”

Dully, James said, “Endlos was only a first-level plane when it was born. There

are limited patrollers. They can’t protect all planes.”

James and the others watched the situation from a distance.

The Ancient Clan was determined to invade the plane and make it their

subsidiary plane.

“This is the clan leader’s order. Do you need him to go to Elysium Hall and

explain the situation to your master?”

Facing the unrelenting patrollers who stopped the Ancient Clan’s Immortal

Mountain from entering, Brett’s expression grew heavy.

Brett’s cultivation rank was not high. He was only in the late stage of the

Sovereign Fourth Rank.

However, the patrollers stopping them were at the peak of the Sovereign Sixth

Rank. Even though the patrollers had a special status, Brett was from the

Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain.

“Uh…” The leader of the guardians frowned.

‘The Ancient Clan isn’t a clan we can offend.”

“How about we let them go? If the Ancient Clan goes to the hall, Master will go

along with the Ancient Clan’s wish. We shouldn’t make things hard for


Several patrollers spoke up softly.

The leader glanced at Brett and said, “I will report this matter to Master. If

Master decides to punish you, don’t blame me for not warning you.”

“Let’s go,” ordered the leader of the patrollers. Then, he left with the patrollers.

Brett was full of smiles.

The Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain was powerful.

The clan leader of the Ancient Clan was the lord of a ninthlevel plane. Even

Elysium Hall had to respect his wishes.

“Invade the plane,” ordered Brett the moment the patrollers left.

“Take all of its treasures. If the powerhouses of this plane resist, kill them. Spare

a few powerhouses with great potential to train them as subordinates of our


Following Brett’s orders, large flying battleships barged into the plane.

Then, once they had come out, James and the others appeared quietly.


The few of them looked at James.

“It’s been quite some time since they came out. They’d

invaded many planes. There should be many treasures on the battleships. Take

all of them. You guys go ahead. I have cast a formation outside long ago. I’ll

meet you guys inside later.”

After James said that, the four quickly entered the plane.

James stood outside the plane and took a deep breath.

Initially, he did not want to reveal his identity and the news of his return.

However, he would not be able to cast a formation that could isolate the place’s

aura without revealing himself. He also would not be able to cast a formation

that left no traces.

If he cast a formation there, a powerhouse of the Ancient Clan would

immediately sense that something was amiss upon approaching the area.


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