The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5177

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5177-When James raised his hand, countless inscriptions appeared in his palm. The

inscriptions transformed quickly before submerging into the surrounding area.

Then, James entered the plane.

In the plane, flying battleships as large as stars were entering rapidly.


As the battleships were flying in, before the entire battleship could make it into

the plane, several shadows appeared and blocked the battleships from entering.

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“If you would like to come through here, you should leave something behind,”

said King Marciais lazily.

“What’s going on? Why did we stop?” Brett walked out and showed up at the

border of the battleship.

“A few living beings have blocked our way,” answered a disciple of the Ancient


This area belonged to the Dark World outside of the plane.

When Brett looked ahead, he saw four people emerging from the dark.

At this moment, James also appeared.

“Kill them.”

Brett sensed their cultivation rank. After he learned that they were in the

Sovereign Second Rank, his expression became heavy. At this time, many

warriors rushed out from the flying battleship at the front.

They were elite warriors trained by the Ancient Clan. They expanded the Ancient

Clan’s territories. They were the most loyal subordinates of the Ancient Clan.

Instantly, King Marciais, Gaius, Gurgen, and Taran grew excited.

Upon facing the countless warriors of the Ancient Clan, they took action.

Although the warriors of the Ancient Clan were powerful, they were not a match

for King Marciais and the others. They were on the losing end.

At this moment, several powerhouses rushed out from the flying battleships


The powerhouses were all in the Sovereign Rank.

Nonetheless, even though they were in the Sovereign Rank, they were not King

Marciais and the others’ match.

Although King Marciais and the rest were in the Sovereign Second Rank, they

were in the late stage of the Sovereign Second Rank. Besides, their foundation

was stable. In addition to that, they cultivated each other’s signature skills. They

could even win against powerhouses of the Central Plane who were in the initial

stage of the Sovereign Third Rank.

Upon watching this scene, Brett frowned. He stood forward and shouted,

“Fellow cultivators, I’m a disciple of the Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain. What

do you mean by this? Aren’t you afraid of the Ancient Clan taking revenge?”

James looked down upon Brett.

If it were another force, James would not have thought about killing the people

to take the treasures.

However, they were from the Ancient Clan.

The clan leader of the Ancient Clan and the founder of the Immortal Mountain

were his enemies.

“I’m here to collect interest,” said James after taking a deep breath.

Seeing that King Marciais and the others were not stopping, Brett had to make a

move himself.

When he made a move, James also took action.

“Your opponent is me.”

James showed up before Brett and blocked him from assisting the warriors of

the Ancient Clan.

‘You’re seeking death,” shouted Brett. In an instant, his aura reached the

extreme. The power of the Sovereign Fourth Rank was displayed. He raised his

hand and punched James. The terrifying palm force headed toward James.

Currently, James’ cultivation rank was only in the Sovereign First Rank. 1

However, he was in the Seventeenth Rank of the Marciais Path. The Marciais

Path was on par with the Sovereign Third Rank.

Besides, he had mastered a lot of signature skills.

The moment Brett attacked, James’ body disappeared quietly.

At the next second, James appeared behind Brett. When he appeared, he used

the Tressencia Completare Art. His past form and future form emerged one after


His past form and future form attacked Brett simultaneously.

At once, Brett was severely injured. Cracks appeared on his body.

Upon seeing this, James frowned. Then, he sighed. “My cultivation rank is too

low. The power my past form used isn’t strong enough. It can’t kill a living being

in the late stage of the Sovereign Fourth Rank in one move.”


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