The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5178

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5178-James’ past and future forms attacked Brett, a powerhouse at the late stage of

the Sovereign Fourth Rank, together.

Even though James’ cultivation base was only at the initial stage of the

Sovereign Second Rank, he injured a powerhouse at the late stage of the

Sovereign Fourth Rank instantly. If news of this spread, it would cause a


Nonetheless, James was dissatisfied with his power.

“Darn it.”

Brett was injured. Cracks appeared on his body. He was furious.

A dazzling longsword emerged in his hand. The longsword had a terrifying


Angrily, Brett waved the longsword and slashed at James.

Indifferently, James stood in the void of the Dark World. He was calm upon

facing the attack. When the frightening Sword Energy was about to land on him,

he raised his hand. Changes happened in his palm. His palm turned into several

mysterious inscriptions. Then, his arm also became inscriptions. In an instant,

his body underwent changes, turning into inscriptions. The inscriptions spread

out swiftly and formed a mysterious formation.

The formation was extremely powerful.

It contained manyJames’ signature skills.

Not only were there inscriptions he comprehended in Endlos, but there were

also inscriptions he comprehended in his previous life.

All of his comprehension turned into a formation.

When the terrifying Sword Energy landed on the formation, the Sword Energy

was dissolved instantly.

On the other hand, Brett was trapped in the formation.

Before he could react, the power that emerged from the formation annihilated

him. His soul was gone. Nothing was left behind.

A powerhouse at the peak of the Sovereign Fourth Rank disappeared just like


The formation disappeared and turned back into James.

James also withdrew his past and future forms.

At this moment, King Marciais and the others were still in battle.

James did not interrupt them. They had just come out of seclusion. They needed

to battle to stabilize their cultivation ranks.

Following the death of Brett, the other powerhouses of the Ancient Clan were

not King Marciais and the others’ match. They were losing. Soon, they were

wiped out. Meanwhile, the warriors were killed easily.

The battle ended.

The few of them gathered.

King Marciais gave James a thumbs up. He praised, “You’re so strong, James.

Your signature skill is becoming more and more terrifying. A powerhouse at the

late stage of the Sovereign Fourth Rank can’t resist your attack at all.”

James only smiled in response.

His signature skill, the Tressencia Completare Art, was not that simple.

If his cultivation rank’s power increased and his current form became stronger,

his past form would also grow stronger.

Currently, he only used his current form to cast the formation. The Tressencia

Completare Art was a terrifying one.

“Let’s go and see what treasures are in the flying battleships,” said James.

They hurried into one of the flying battleships.

There was an herb garden in the flying battleship.

In the herb garden were many Empyrean herbs. The lowest- ranked herbs were

Acme-Ranked elixirs, while the highest were Sovereign-Ranked elixirs. There

were also a few Celestial-Ranked elixirs.

“We’re rich.”

King Marciais’ eyes were gleaming. He was delighted as he shouted, “There are

so many Empyrean herbs. I should be able to improve my Marciais Path and

reach the Eighteenth Rank.”

Taran also could not help but say, “How many planes did they conquer?”

‘What a bunch of bastards. How many living beings and forces have they killed

to gather so many Empyrean herbs?” Gaius could not help but curse.

On the other hand, James smiled and said, ‘Why should we bother about all

that? Let’s begin. Let’s not use any Supernatural Signature Skills. First come,

first serve.”

Once James said that, everyone began to move. They plucked and gathered

Empyrean herbs in the herb garden.

Soon, the huge herb garden was emptied.

Nevertheless, there were many flying battleships.

Every flying battleship had an herb garden.

In each herb garden were countless herbs. The herbs were gathered from

several planes that Brett had conquered.


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