The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5179

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5179-Soon, the Empyrean herbs Brett had obtained after putting in so much effort

were divided among James and the others.

After dividing these Empyrean herbs, James destroyed the flying battleships.

The five of them gathered in the Dark World.

They were counting the loot.

Endless laughter sounded in the Dark World.

“Haha. We’re so rich “

‘There are too many Empyrean herbs.”

“By the way, James, how are you going to deal with the plane?”

Upon hearing that, James fell into deep thought.

His initial plan was to come to this plane to search for treasures and Empyrean

herbs. Now, he had obtained many Empyrean herbs. They were enough for him

to use for some time.

“How about we culture this plane?” King Marciais had an idea.

James glanced at King Marciais. King Marciais’ idea was similar to his.

‘That works.”

James said, “I can sense that there aren’t many powerhouses born in the plane.

Let’s operate separately. We’ll look for talented living beings and recruit them as



“No problem.”

“We’ll do that then.”

After thinking for a while, James continued, “I don’t think this will work. I want to

merge this plane with Endlos. I want to increase Endlos’ level.”

King Marciais asked, “Do you have the Supernatural Power to merge two


James smiled and answered, “That’s easy. Come with me.”

James turned to leave the plane. Standing outside the plane, he raised his

hand. A few dazzling inscriptions emerged from his palm. The inscriptions

materialized rapidly. Soon, they engulfed the plane.

James began to activate the inscriptions.

Then, the plane disappeared.

“It’s gone?”

Everyone was stunned.

With a smile, James said, “It isn’t gone. I used my Supernatural Power to keep

it. Let’s head back to the Endlos Plane now.”

“Anyway, there’s still a lot of time until Dieux Academy’s new disciples’

recruitment. Let’s head back,” said King Marciais.

The others did not refute.

Glancing at the area, James dispersed the formation that isolated its aura.

Then, he erased everything that happened there. He made the space become

chaotic again.

Now, even if a powerhouse of the Ancient Clan came in person, he would not

know what had happened there. He would only sense a few auras and the aura

of the Genesis Path Scripture.

After that, James returned to Endlos along with the rest.

Soon, they were outside Endlos.

Standing outside Endlos, James waved his hand. The plane that was stored

with his Supernatural Power appeared. The plane headed over to Endlos swiftly.


At this moment, countless living beings of Endlos heard a rumble.

It was the sound of two planes colliding.

The terrifying power filled Endlos. The level of the Endlos Plane was low. It

could not handle the collision of a fifthlevel plane.

However, James controlled the power.

Under his control, the Endlos Plane did not collapse.

Meanwhile, the plane brought by James’ supernatural power gradually merged

with the Endlos Plane.

Upon seeing this scene, everyone was shocked.

They had been shocked by James’ every move ever since departing from

Endlos. Everything he did surpassed their expectations and turned their

perceptions upside down.

Under James’ control, the two planes merged.

After merging the two planes, the space of the Endlos Plane became more

stable. The Endlos Heavenly Path also grew stronger.


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