The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5180

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5180-The Endlos Plane merged with a fifth-level plane.

Unfortunately, the Endlos Plane’s level did not increase. Nevertheless, it had a

huge potential as the newly born plane was still developing.

The size of the plane was increasing, and its space was also becoming stable.

As long as the current Endlos Plane could grow safely for some time, it would

become a powerful plane.

According to James’ extrapolation, the current Endlos Plane could become an

eighth-level plane.

It would be hard to become a ninth-level plane after becoming an eighth-level

plane. The plane needed to merge with too many planes to do so. It needed to

absorb the Genesis of many planes to gain a chance of becoming a ninth-level


If it were easy to become a ninth-level plane, ninth-level planes would not have

been so rare among the many planes.

The rest stared at James. When James stopped, King Marciais walked over and

asked, “What do we do now?”

James answered, “According to my previous plan, I plan to rest for some time.

We will recruit a few potential prodigies and train them. We will teach them

whatever we know.

Whatever the disciples can learn, we will teach them.”



“No problem.”

The few of them agreed.

James continued, “We can’t stay in the Endlos Plane for too long. We can only

stay for one epoch. If you think it isn’t long enough, you can choose to settle

down on a spiritual mountain and cast a time formation to earn more time.”

Everyone nodded. Then, they returned to the new Endlos Plane one after


On the other hand, James did not go back immediately.

He scanned his surroundings.

Although he had cast a formation that isolated the plane’s aura and rendered

the living beings of the other plane unable to detect Endlos’ existence, the

merging of the two planes caused a huge commotion.

If living beings passed by this area, they would sense it.

Now, James wanted to hide Endlos completely so that no powerhouse that

passed by would be able to sense it.

That way, Endlos could develop and grow safely.

If the new Endlos Plane could become an eighth-level plane, the Endlos

Heavenly Path and the cultivation rank that could be accommodated would

reach their limits. It would be possible to reach the Great Celestial Rank in


James wanted to raise the Endlos Plane to be his ace in the hole.

In the future, when he revealed his identity to the other powerhouses, the

Endlos Plane would play a key role.

Hurriedly, he cast the formation.

He activated the superformation and hid Endlos’ aura entirely.

Endlos disappeared from the thousands of planes. Now, the Endlos Plane could

only be sensed if James broke the seal formation and let the Endlos Plane


After doing all this, James also returned to the Endlos Plane.

Upon returning to the plane, he went back to the Human Universe and looked

for Thea.

“Why are you back?”

When Thea saw James return, she was shocked.

Then, she asked, “Were you the one who caused such a huge commotion in

Endlos? I sensed that many regions had appeared in the Endlos Plane. Aside

from that, the plane is constantly expanding. There are still spaces being born.

What’s going on?”

James did not hide these matters from Thea. Truthfully, he said, “After leaving

Endlos, I encountered a newborn plane. The plane is advanced and has room to

grow. So, I moved it over here forcefully and merged it with Endlos. In this way,

the space of the Endlos Plane would become more stable.

In the future, Endlos would become a powerful plane.


James looked at Thea.


Thea was also looking at James.

James said, “I have a new plan now. I don’t want you to leave Endlos anymore. I

want you to help me protect Endlos.”


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