The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5181

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5181-The Endlos Plane merged with a new plane, and their future potential appeared

tremendous. Furthermore, this fusion gave rise to numerous talents in the

region of the new plane, who rapidly ascended to become powerhouses. This

inevitably stirred up a lot of controversy and chaos in Endlos, which was not

what James had wished to see.

“Since the Endlos Plane has merged with another plane, I’ll find the genesis of

the new plane and hand it over to you for refinement. Then, you’ll gain control

over the new Endlos Plane.”

“Sure,” Thea responded without giving it much thought.

Then, she added, “However, there are many talents and powerhouses among

the Human Race now. It does not necessarily have to be me. Hetsema Caden

from the Orstellen Sect is an excellent choice. After you left, his cultivation base

skyrocketed, and he has already reached the Chaos Completare Rank.”

“I don’t trust him,” James said, shaking his head slightly.

‘You don’t trust your son.” Thea rolled her eyes.

James reached out to embrace Thea, saying, “I only trust you.”

“Alright, alright.” Thea smiled and asked, “So, you came back to tell me all this?

When will you leave again?”

“I’ve already covered most of what I needed to do. I won’t stay in Endlos for too

long. Probably an epoch at most. After that, I’ll leave and search for promising

talents to train as disciples.”

James spent some time with Thea, expressing his hopes for Endlos and his

desire to nurture it into a super plane.

However, he closely guarded the secret of his past life’s identity.

Afterward, James departed for the newly merged plane in search of its genesis.

With his current strength and the memories of his past life, finding it was easy.

The genesis was the inscriptions, the Path, and the mystical power of heaven

and earth.

Soon, James found the genesis of the new plane, which manifested as a beam

of light created by five mysterious inscriptions.

After collecting the light, James entered into seclusion. He mastered the

Genesis Path Scripture, which held records of the Genesis Path of numerous

planes. Consequently, he easily comprehended the Genesis Path of the new

plane. He also merged it with the Endlos Light, the genesis of the Endlos Plane,

forming a complete genesis for the new plane.

Having gained this insight, James found Thea and led her to the birthplace of

the new plane’s genesis. There stood five mountains created by mystical

inscriptions. They looked awe-inspiring. James summoned five beams of

Genesis Lights, each one corresponding to one of the peaks.

“Thea, you will stay here in seclusion. Once you’ve refined these five beams of

Genesis Lights, it’d be equivalent to refining these five spiritual mountains.

Then, you’ll gain control over all the Paths in this new plane and become the

Endlos Lord of the new plane,” James said.

In order to save Thea’s time, he explained in great detail how to comprehend

these five Genesis Paths. With his guidance, Thea’s task became much simpler.

However, it would still require a considerable amount of time for her to emerge

from her seclusion.

“Thea, concentrate on your cultivation. I’ll leave now. Once you’ve gained

control of this plane and if you want to find me in the Central Plane, you can

entrust the new Endlos Plane to someone you trust.”

James’ voice resounded through the mystical area, gradually diminishing until it

finally faded away.


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