The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5182

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5182-After imparting his insights to Thea, James departed. He intended to select and

nurture talented living beings. The original Endlos Plane already had some

exceptional talents

As other planes were discovered, powerhouses would invade and reclaim them,

guiding the living beings of those planes into cultivation. However, the Endlos

Plane did not undergo this process. Instead, it faced battles.

The living beings of the Endlos could continue to explore and cultivate.

Achieving the Chaos Rank in such circumstances was already impressive, and

with a little nurturing, entering the Sovereign Rank would be relatively easy.

James had made arrangements before leaving the previous Endlos. He left

behind numerous opportunities and boons and provided the Human Race with

the Genesis Path Scripture.

The genesis of a plane was enough to turn a human into a powerhouse, not to

mention the Genesis Path Scripture formed from the Genesis Paths of countless

planes. In due time, the Endlos Human Race would give rise to a multitude of

Sovereign Rank powerhouses.

James appeared in the newly merged area. He casually chose a spiritual

mountain and settled. He did not rush to select disciples but instead planned to

engage in divination to see whose potential stood out the most.

In his insights, the future did not exist. There were countless potential futures,

each decision of every living being capable of altering what lay ahead.

Nonetheless, the future could still be extrapolated using specific rules, though

not necessarily with perfect accuracy.

James intended to use the Extrapolation Path to see if there were currently any

outstanding and high-potential talents in this plane.


At that moment, the Extrapolation Formation before him suddenly assumed a

bizarre state. He encountered an entity that was impossible to extrapolate. In

such cases, it meant that the living being’s future was filled with variables. He

would become incredibly strong and alter numerous fixed futures, making

prediction impossible.

James used the Extrapolation Path and discovered an entity that was

impossible to extrapolate, even with his current cultivation realm. This indicated

that the living being had immense potential and would reach a terrifying level.

James disappeared from his original spot and reappeared in an unknown area,

a sacred land where several cultivation sects, families, and a few mighty

empires had already been established. However, all of them were relatively

weak, with the strongest among them having reached only the Macrocosm

Ancestral God Rank.

Within a family in a relatively weak empire, a young man lay bare-chested on a

chair as several individuals whipped his

back. His back bore gruesome wounds, but he clenched his teeth and endured

the pain without uttering a word.

James observed this scene from the shadows. The living being that could not be

extrapolated by the Extrapolation Path was the disciple of this small family.

The young man had a low cultivation realm that was barely higher than the one

James had during his time on Earth before the resurgence of Spiritual Energy in

the Martial Path. At most, his realm was two realms above that, making him only

slightly stronger than an ordinary person.

In the backyard, a shabby room stood. Inside, a solitary wooden plank served

as the bed, and the young man lay upon it, his back covered in gruesome


“Damn it! Once my injuries heal, I’ll leave and seek the Celestials in the

mountain to cultivate immortality. You’ll see when I return,” the young man

cursed loudly.

“Ah!” The pain was unbearable, and he could not help but let out a pitiful


James silently appeared and sat on a chair.


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