The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5185

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5185-“I’ll meet the Clan Leader personally,” the Great Elder said before leaving.

In one of the spiritual mountains of the Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain, an

eerie silence prevailed through a land devoid of any disciples.

In front of a waterfall at the back mountain, a man sat in a lotus position. He

appeared to be in his early twenties, wore a white robe, and had a handsome

and imposing demeanor.

This man was one of the most formidable powerhouses across the countless

planes. He came from a ninth-level plane and was the lord of one such plane.

He had ascended from the ninth-level plane and established the Immortal

Mountain in the Central Plane, making it one of the ten major powers in the


The Ancient Clan’s Great Elder arrived and respectfully reported, “Clan Leader,

the army sent to find Empyrean herbs was annihilated.”

“Oh?” The man in the white robe could not help but exclaim. Then, a bright

smile spread across his face as he spoke softly, ‘That’s interesting. It’s been

countless ages since anyone has dared to challenge the Ancient Clan. It seems

we need to stir up some trouble. I’m curious to know who has the audacity to

attack our clan’s army.”

The man stood up, stretched lazily, and said, ‘Tell me the details. I’ll personally


“Alright.” The Great Elder conveyed all the available information on the matter.

After learning the clues, Fabrizio disappeared and headed toward the location

where Brett’s aura last vanished.

Upon arriving, he sensed an unusual aura, and his smile gradually froze. He

furrowed his brows and said, “What’s going on? Why is there the aura of the

Genesis Path Scripture here? Could it be that he didn’t die and has returned?”

Then, Fabrizio attempted to use his Supernatural Power to recreate the scene in

the area. However, the spatial here had been disrupted, making it impossible for

him to recreate the scene. All he could see were some chaotic spatial

disturbances, with everything else hidden from view.

Fabrizio was unable to see what caused Brett’s death. He attempted to rewind

time, and this time he saw Brett leading the army into a plane. Before entering

the plane, they encountered the plane patrols. He could see everything except

who killed Brett. He could not even perceive the plane that was supposed to be

in this place.

“Nothing was left behind except the aura of the Genesis Path Scripture. He’s the

only one who possessed the Genesis Path Scripture across countless planes,”

Fabrizio said with a solemn expression. It had been countless ages since he

showed such seriousness.

“Has he truly returned? If indeed the former Lord Supremus returned, this could

bring chaos to countless planes,”

Fabrizio murmured and left swiftly. He needed to discuss this matter with

someone due to its severity.

He came to an ancient Orthodox in the Central Plane.

“What?” a middle-aged man exclaimed upon hearing Fabrizio’s words. ‘That’s

absolutely impossible! So many powerhouses besieged Lord Supremus in that

battle! He was destroyed utterly. It’s impossible for him to still be alive.”

“I can’t believe it either,” Fabrizio said with a solemn expression. “One of our

clan’s armies was annihilated, and I couldn’t find any clues during my

investigation. I only sensed the residual power of the Genesis Path Scripture in

that area. Across countless planes, only the former Lord Supremus, James,

possessed it. This world might be changing.”

“Hmph, there’s nothing to fear. If we could kill him once, we can certainly do it

again. If he dares to appear, we guarantee he’ll end up as a pile of bones.”


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