The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5186

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5186-The appearance of the founder of the Supremusseum caused a stir. Of course,

ordinary living beings remained unaware of this. Only the top-tier powerhouses

who had once killed James knew. They were filled with unease because James

was lurking in the shadows.

In one-on-one combat, no one could match him. Concealed in the darkness,

James had the power to eliminate them one by one.

A group of top-tier powerhouses stood at the pinnacle of the planes, gathered to

discuss their strategy. After a thorough deliberation, they decided to stay in

contact and join forces if James dared to reveal himself, once again attempting

to vanquish him.

At this moment, James had already reached a spiritual mountain not far from

the Dieux Academy. He had rented this spiritual mountain at a certain cost,

using it as a temporary base.

Upon arriving in the Central Plane, James did not use his own name and altered

his appearance slightly, adopting the alias “Forty-nine.” As for the reason, Gaius

and the others did not ask.

James sat in a lotus position behind the main peak of the spiritual mountain. He

had spent countless epochs cultivating here, absorbing the Empyrean herbs to

refine his strength and simultaneously cultivating his future form.

His future form once again ventured into the future. The concept of the future

was merely a creation of James using certain rules he had grasped. There was

no true future, or one could say there were countless potential futures.

His future form had gone to a particular future or had been continuously

cultivating there, summoned back only when needed.

At this moment, his aura surged.


His internal aura erupted, soaring into the sky.

“Congratulations on your breakthrough, James,” proclaimed King Marciais. “It’s

quite stable. We’ve been in the third rank for a while, and you’ve just broken

through now.”

James dissipated his aura, stood up, and walked toward the few people not far

away. He casually summoned some tables and chairs, then took out Tribulation

Liquid to drink.

“We’ve nearly depleted all the Empyrean herbs from the Ancient Clan’s army in

our recent raids. Without the assistance of these herbs, it’s hard for us to

advance our realm. We’ll have to figure out ways to acquire more Empyrean

herbs,” James said as he sipped the liquid.

He swirled his eyes as he thought where to obtain Empyrean herbs.

“Let’s not rush,” Taran said. “Now that we’re in the Central Plane, and this is a

high-class place. There are likely plenty of rare Empyrean herbs. Besides, there

are countless planes

to explore. Let’s take our time. We can plan further after becoming disciples of

the Dieux Academy.”

“Good point,” James nodded.

King Marciais said, “James, why do we have to join the Dieux Academy when

there are so many other forces in the Central Plane? Moreover, with our

strength, we don’t necessarily have to join any forces. We can venture on our

own or even establish our own force.”

James smiled and explained, “While Dieux Academy may not be the most

powerful, its network of connections is strong. Joining the academy is just the

first step. My goal is to take control of the academy and become its leader.”

While it might be challenging, controlling Dieux Academy would provide access

to abundant resources, making it easier to regain his peak. Additionally, once he

controlled the academy, he could leverage its vast network of connections.

Upon hearing James’ ambitious plan, the others were momentarily stunned but

did not speak further.

James stood up and said, “Considering the timing, the Dieux Academy’s

recruitment of new disciples is about to begin. Let’s leave here for now.”

After standing up, James withdrew his future form, and the group left the

spiritual mountain to head towards the universe where the Dieux Academy was


Soon, they arrived at their destination. However, the void outside the universe

was crowded with many living beings

who were being prevented from entering the Dieux Universe where the

academy was located.


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