The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5187

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5187-A formation had been established in this universe. No living beings could enter

without authorization. Numerous passages had been opened within this

formation, each guarded by Dieux Academy disciples. Only those who

presented an invitation card and passed the inspection were allowed to enter.

“Goodness, there are so many living beings out there,” King Marciais said as he

gazed at the multitude of powerhouses in the surrounding area. These were just

a portion of the living beings participating in the assessment.

James smiled and explained, ‘The Dieux Academy is one of the ten major forces

in the Central Plane, and even the current Master of the Elysium Hall once

cultivated here. The academy recruits disciples publicly at the conference of

countless planes. This attracts countless living beings from all over to

participate. Even powerhouses from some great families, sects, and forces in

the Central Plane send their disciples here to cultivate.”

Gaius glanced around, observing the vast number of living beings. While most

were not exceptionally powerful, the majority were at the Chaos Rank, with only

a few having reached the Sovereign Rank.

Sensing the situation, he said, “I wonder if the five of us can secure a good

position since we are at the early stage of the Sovereign Third Rank.”

“It’s going to be tough.” James shook his head.

While the Dieux Academy was offering substantial rewards, these meant less to

top-tier forces. However, claiming the top position in the assessment was more


Achieving the top position would bring fame and the privilege of freely accessing

the academy’s library chamber for cultivation.

The Dieux Academy nurtured numerous powerhouses, all of whom had created

signature martial art skills stored in the academy. Accessing the academy’s

library chamber was the aspiration of countless powerhouses.

James and the others queued up, chatting among themselves. When James

mentioned the academy’s library chamber, King Marciais asked, “Forty-nine,

what is the most incredible signature martial art skill in the Dieux Academy?”

James pondered for a moment and replied, ‘There isn’t a single most incredible,

but as far as I know, the top level of the academy’s library chamber houses

numerous remarkable secret arts. These secret arts are the top-tier ones that

can help us to the late stage of the Great Celestial Rank, and some can even

lead us to the Martial Celestial Rank.”

“You seem to know a lot,” a voice sounded from behind at that moment.

James and the others turned to see a handsome man who had approached

them in an instant.

The man clasped his hands and introduced himself, “I come from a ninth-level

plane, and my name is Aurelius Hollis. May I know your name, sir? It seems you

have a good understanding of Dieux Academy.”

James cast a quick glance and easily discerned Aurelius’ cultivation realm. He

was at the late stage of the Sovereign Sixth Rank, just one step away from the

Petit Celestial Rank.

James calmly responded, “I am Forty-nine, from a relatively obscure small

plane. I gained some knowledge about Dieux Academy by reading a few books

before coming.”

A harsh voice echoed at that moment, “Aurelius Hollis, you bastard!”

As the voice approached, a woman in a red dress appeared, and her red whip

descended the moment she arrived.

James and the others dodged quickly.


The space instantly ruptured as the whip struck, leaving King Marciais and the

others in awe.

This was the core area of the Central Plane, and the spatial stability was

exceptionally high. Even a Petit Celestial Rank would not be able to cause such

a formidable crack in the void with a single strike.

Who was this woman?


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