The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5189

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5189-After all, the Headmaster of the Dieux Academy only reached the peak of Great

Celestial Rank.

However, this was James’ understanding based on his knowledge from his

previous life. After countless ages had passed, the Headmaster of the Dieux

Academy might have already broken through to the Martial Celestial Rank.

They were all astonished while acknowledging that Aurelius was at the Petit

Celestial Rank. They wondered how they could secure first place if even a Petit

Celestial Rank powerhouse was taking part in the discipleship assessment.

“Forget about the first place,” James said. “Being selected by the Dieux

Academy as their disciples is good enough.”

Gaius glanced at James and asked, “Forty-nine, can you honestly say that you

can compete with a Petit Celestial Rank powerhouse given your current


James was currently at the early stage of Sovereign Third Rank, a realm far

inferior to the Petit Celestial Rank. In theory, it was nearly impossible for a living

being to leap several realms and be victorious in battle.

However, James was a mystery, which piqued Gaius’ curiosity. King Marciais,

Gurgen, and Taran also focused their attention on James.

James replied, “I should be able to hold my own in a battle if I were to go all out,

but I can’t do it here due to the many

restrictions in the Central Plane. Many of my signature martial art skills cannot

be employed.”

Upon hearing James’ response, everyone took a deep breath. It was terrified

that an early stage of Sovereign Third Rank powerhouse could contend with a

Petit Celestial Rank powerhouse.

James looked at their shocked companions and smiled, without offering further


They obediently stood in line. After several hundred years in the queue, they

finally entered the universe where the Dieux Academy was located.

The universe was vast, and for the recruitment of new disciples, the Dieux

Academy had created a planet for the candidates to reside. However, most of

these candidates came from minor planes. Those from major planes with status

and backgrounds did not live on this planet but resided in more prosperous


This planet was enormous, filled with countless spiritual mountains and lands,

each housing a building. James and the others had been arranged to stay in

one of these accommodations.

‘That’s excessive,” King Marciais said. “Every living being on this planet is here

for the disciple assessment. The Dieux Academy can’t take in that many

disciples even if it is incredibly powerful. Achieving recognition and becoming a

disciple is already remarkable.”

‘This is the terrifying aspect of the Dieux Academy,” James explained. “Even

some powerhouses wish to join and cultivate within this academy for a certain

duration. Over time, this has contributed to the Dieux Academy’s unparalleled

network of connections.”

Gurgen leaned back in his chair, hands cradling his head, and said, ‘Trying to

get first place is too difficult. I wonder if any Great Celestial Ranks will

participate. It would be interesting if they joined the assessment.”

James said, “It’s highly unlikely for anyone at the Great Celestial Rank to attend.

The Dieux Academy would extend respect to the Great Celestial Rank

powerhouses, and they wouldn’t be required to participate in the assessment. In

fact, they might hold the position of an elder within the academy. The same

principle applies to those at the Petit Celestial Rank. However, occasionally,

some Petit Celestial Ranks participate in the assessment just for fun.”

“Rest well, guys. I’m going out for a walk,” James said as he stood up.

Since a considerable amount of time had passed since his previous life, he did

not know the current state of the

Central Plane and the countless planes. He wondered which powerhouses had

emerged after his death. He needed to seize this opportunity to gather



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