The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5190

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5190-James left his accommodation and headed to other parts of this planet to inquire

about the current state of the Central Plane and the countless planes.

The living beings staying on this planet were all here to participate in the

disciples’ assessment of the Dieux Academy. They came from various major

planes as well as disciples from families, sects, and forces of the Central Plane.

James could easily gather information about the current state of the Central

Plane and the countless planes. He learned that there were now fourteen ninthlevel planes in the countless planes, an increase from the original nine.

The number of eighth-level planes had also risen significantly, with at least a

hundred. Most of these eighthlevel planes had the potential to advance to ninthlevel planes.

The ninth-level planes were ruled by Martial Celestial Rank powerhouses, while

the eighth-level planes were guarded by the peak of Great Celestial Rank


In the current era, the number of powerhouses had significantly increased since

James’ time, and there were many new powerhouses and titles with which he

was unfamiliar.

After getting a rough understanding of the current situation,

James returned to his accommodation. The recruitment of new disciples by the

Dieux Academy had not yet begun.

James chose to wait for the recruitment to start in his accommodation.

Time flew by, and the day for the recruitment of new disciples had arrived. The

planet was bustling with countless living beings gathered outside to witness a

grand spiritual mountain in the distance.


A radiant beam of light shot up into the sky from the spiritual mountain,

converging into the form of an elder in a gray robe. He did not seem particularly

old, but his hair had turned completely gray. ’

“Welcome to the Dieux Academy, fellow cultivators,” a voice resonated

throughout the entire universe.

James and the others were standing in the courtyard.

“Is he the headmaster of the Dieux Academy?” Gaius asked.

James nodded and said, “Yes, he is the headmaster, Xhemal Qanthippos. He

was once a powerhouse at the peak of the Great Celestial Rank and has

already broken through to the Martial Celestial Rank. His current cultivation

realm is in the late stage of Martial Celestial Rank.”

After making inquiries, James learned that Xhemal had advanced to the late

stage of Martial Celestial Rank.

Almost every living being in this universe had their attention fixed on Xhemal.

Xhemal’s voice continued to echo throughout the universe.” It’s time for the

Dieux Academy’s recruitment of new disciples. The academy has sent out many

invitations to living beings from various planes. According to the rules we

established in advance, each plane will have only one living being who can

become a disciple of our academy. However, we want to recruit more talent. As

long as a plane holds an invitation, you can form teams with other living beings

from your plane and participate in the assessment. There is no limit to the

number of living beings in each team.”

Xhemal’s voice resonated throughout the universe.

Countless living beings listened intently, eager to learn the rules of this



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