The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5191

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5191-“For our assessment, participants are allowed to form teams and work together

to solve the different tests and challenges. However, if any of your team

members were eliminated at any point during the assessment, that member will

instantly be disqualified from joining the Academy.

‘The assessment will be conducted in a special realm that we have prepared in


“At the beginning of our assessment, participants will face three tests. Those

who pass all three tests will be accepted as the Dieux Academy’s low-ranking

disciples. After that, participants who make it through the next three consecutive

tests will be recognized as our regular members. Last but not least, those who

complete up to the ninth test will qualify to join the Dieux Academy as our elite


‘There are a total of nine tests.

“However, those nine tests are merely a small part of our assessment. To be

exact, the real assessment begins after you complete the nine tests.

“After completing the nine tests, participants will transfer to the Zeilor Arena and

enter the Zeilor Battle to fight for the limited spots there. The team that lasts till

the very end of the battle will win first place in our assessment. I’m sure all of

you are already aware of the advantage that comes with that spot.”

James and the other cultivators listened to Xhemal intently as he briefly

explained the rules of the assessment.

King Marciais looked at the others and grinned. “Do you guys think you can

pass the nine tests?”

James said, “We have no idea what those nine tests are. Nevertheless, we can

qualify to join the Dieux Academy as long as we pass the first three tests. Even

if we only make it to become low-ranking disciples, that still makes us members

of the academy.”

Gaius asked, ‘There’s no limit to how many people they can have in a team.

Wouldn’t some of the teams gather all of the competent cultivators from their

entire plane to join the assessment then?”

James nodded. ‘That is very likely to happen. Normally, those from the major

planes would split into several teams according to the different forces or

organizations they belong to. On the contrary, the smaller planes would opt to

band together and gather as many of their best men as possible to participate in

the assessment.”

King Marciais was getting more and more excited as he listened to them.

“This is such an amazing event! We have cultivators from thousands of planes

gathered here for the assessment. I can’t wait for us to enter the realm and

show the others what we’ve got! I hope we’ll be able to land one of the top spots

by the end of the assessment.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to unlock the entrance to the special

realm. Those who wish to participate in the assessment may enter the realm


As Xhemal’s voice reverberated across the space, a gigantic image appeared

right above the planet where the Dieux Academy was located.

The cultivators could see vast, green landscapes shown in the image.

As soon as the announcement was made, some of the cultivators waiting on the

Dieux Academy’s planet shot up into the sky and entered the realm right away.

Gradually, cultivators waiting on the neighboring planets also traveled toward

the image to enter the realm.

It was quite an impressive sight as clusters of cultivators all headed in the

direction of the realm.

King Marciais sighed in awe. ‘The number of cultivators who are participating

have probably exceeded the trillions.”

James smiled faintly. “Most of them will be eliminated soon. I assure you close

to ninety-nine percent of the total participants will be forced to drop out during

the first three tests.”

“Let’s go,” Taran urged them.

He rose into the air and began flying in the direction where the Dieux Academy’s

planet was. James and the others quickly followed behind him.

As the group of them finally entered the realm, James and the others realized

they had arrived at a strange, mysterious space.

Nothing could be found in that space except for the other cultivators who had

entered before them.

On the side of the wall furthest away from James, everyone could see that the

wall was glowing faintly. It looked almost ethereal.

Upon a closer look, the wall was formed from countless unique inscriptions.

Several disciples of the Dieux Academy levitated in mid-air above that wall of

light. All of them were wearing similar white robes that had the word “Dieux”

embroidered on them.

Just then, one of the disciples took a step forward and announced, ‘The first test

is very simple. Those of you who can make it past this wall of light will qualify for

the next test.”


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