The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5195

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5195-Some cultivators had begun attacking the other participants as they entered the

mountain’s mid-range.

These participants were mostly lone cultivators who had come to join the Dieux

Academy’s recruitment by themselves.

“James, are you not going to move to the front of the crowd and try to win the

first place?” King Marciais asked as he noticed that James was moving through

the course at an unhurried pace.

“Nope,” James replied nonchalantly.

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Dieux Academy was one of the ten most influential forces in Central Plane.

Numerous prominent families and clans had sent their members to take part in

the academy’s event this time.

Their recruitment was gaining a lot of attention across the different planes of

existence. However, James wanted to remain inconspicuous.

He had modified his appearance and aura. Yet, James might catch unwanted

attention if he stood out too much from the other participants. He might face a

few problems if someone were to look into his background and discover James’


The mountain path grew steeper and tougher as the participants moved through

the subsequent tests.

Fortunately, the remaining tests were fairly simple for cultivators who had

attained superb powers and skills.

Soon enough, some participants had arrived near the peak of the mountain.

However, those people were forced to stop before the location for the final test.

As they caught up with the others, James and his members could also see the

peak of the mountain, which was less than a hundred meters away from them.

A huge stone wall conjured by the elder from Dieux Academy stood before

them. The participants could see several lines of strange, cryptic inscriptions on

the wall.

Beside the stone wall, the elder also erected a stone tablet that carried a

description of how one could pass the test.

‘The final test is very simple. Participants have to decipher and understand the

scripture shown on the wall. Once you do that, you will be able to pass through

the seal and reach the peak.”

The scripture was of obscure, mysterious origin. Even participants who had

achieved ranks greater than James’ and his members’ ranks could not decipher

the scripture.

“Uh…” King Marciais took a furtive glance at the scripture and furrowed his

brows. Then, he leaned in and whispered to James, “Isn’t that the Genesis Path

of one of the many planes of existence?”

Those who had mastered the Genesis Path Scripture could easily make out

what was carved on the stone wall. James and his team members instantly

recognized that those lines described the Genesis Path of a plane.

The Genesis Path Scripture detailed the Genesis Path of all the different planes

that existed, including the one shown on the stone wall.

“They are making it difficult for us to keep a low profile…” James muttered in a

low voice.

‘This scripture is really tough.” A Sovereign Sixth Rank cultivator frowned slightly

as he commented, “I can’t read some of the words shown here.”

Another cultivator who had more knowledge relating to the subject began, “If I

am not mistaken, this scripture describes the knowledge of a Genesis Path. It is

most likely the Genesis Path of a third-level plane or planes above that level.”

“Genesis Path?!”

“We have a time limit of ten thousand years to get to the top of the mountain.

Now, they want us to learn and understand the Genesis Path of a low-level

plane within that amount of time?”

“Isn’t that a bit too hard?”

“I guess we’ll have to put in quite some effort to qualify as elite members of

Dieux Academy.”

While some participants were busy discussing the difficult scripture, several

cultivators sat on the ground and began deciphering the scripture.

Most of the participants who had gotten this far in the assessment process were

excellent, brilliant cultivators. They could decipher and comprehend the Genesis

Path if they made an effort to.

Also, the participants could set up time formations and have more time to work

on deciphering the scripture within the formation. The academy did not specify

any rules that refrained them from doing that.

Taran looked at James. ‘What do you think? Should we complete the test?”

Taran could decipher the Genesis Path of a third-level plane in just a few days.

It was honestly not a difficult task for him.

‘We should.” James gave a small sigh.

He had wished to stay out of the spotlight, yet fate was against him this time.

The final test was for the participants to decipher and understand the Genesis

Path of a plane. The academy did not ask them to master the Genesis Path as


If a cultivator could master a plane’s Genesis Path, that would make them the

lord of that particular plane too. However, mastering a Genesis Path was no

easy task in itself


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