The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5196

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5196-As time went by, more and more participants arrived at the location for the ninth


Most of them would briefly discuss with the other cultivators the scripture shown

on the stone wall. Then, they would each find a spot to sit down and focus on

learning the contents of the scripture.

Like the others, James and his members sat quietly on the ground and acted as

if they were trying to decipher the scripture as well.

In truth, they were secretly communicating among themselves.

James transmitted his voice to his team members, “I had another look at the

seal blocking us from reaching the peak. I realize that we don’t have to decipher

and learn the entire Genesis Path. Learning just a part of the Genesis Path is

enough for anyone to break the seal.”

Taran and the others were staring at the seal too.

Since they had mastered the Genesis Path Scripture, it only took them a brief

moment to decipher and learn the scripture displayed on the stone wall.

After they had tried to examine the seal, Taran and the others arrived at the

same conclusion just like James did.

“What do we do now?”

“We’ve already learned and understood the Genesis Path. Are we going to just

sit here and do nothing?”

They had the opportunity to come in first in the race to reach the mountain peak.

Moreover, the academy would provide the winner with a special reward.

‘We should observe the situation a little while longer.” James transmitted his

voice to the others again.

James kept getting this unsettling feeling upon seeing the Genesis Path being

included in the assessment for Dieux Academy’s recruitment.

The knowledge of the Genesis Path was very rare and precious. It represented

the essence of a plane. Usually, only the lords of each plane of existence would

possess the knowledge. They would seldom share or reveal that knowledge to


Just recently, James had wielded the powers of the Genesis Path Scripture and

unintentionally leaked his aura. Some cultivators might have detected it.

However, they could not tell for sure whether it belonged to James or if it had

come from another being who had inherited his legacy.

Therefore, James could not help but suspect that the Genesis Path shown

before them might be the work of one of those cultivators.

If James or someone related to him had taken part in the recruitment, they

would easily solve and learn the scripture presented in the final test. That way,

those cultivators would be able to confirm their suspicion.

That was why James had instructed his members to stay put for the time being.

Instead of learning the scripture, the group of them concentrated on their


In the blink of an eye, several thousand years had passed. However, James and

the other participants had spent an even longer time within each of their time


James got to his feet at that moment. He took a glance at the others around

him. Then, he walked over to the Dieux Academy’s elder, who was standing

near the stone wall.

“Sir, the knowledge of the Genesis Path is very difficult to understand. I only

managed to learn a small part of it. Could you share some hints regarding this

Genesis Path?”

“Oh? You’ve learned a small part of it?” The elder directed his gaze at James.

Anyone would be considered a genius cultivator if they could learn or

understand parts of the Genesis Path in such a short time.

James replied humbly, “Mhm. However, I feel I won’t be able to decipher the rest

of the scripture no matter how hard I try. That is why I’ve decided to stop trying

and obtain your advice instead.”

The elder stroked his gray beard. “I can’t share any hints with you. It is up to you

whether you want to give up or continue trying to decipher the scripture.”

“Alright.” James responded, ‘TH take a closer look at the seal then.”

He made his way to the barrier of the seal and pretended to study the structure

for a while. Then, James conjured a few inscriptions and placed them near the

barrier of the seal. As the inscriptions fused with the barrier, a crack slowly

appeared in the barrier before James.

James appeared pleasantly surprised as he grinned broadly and stepped

through the barrier.


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