The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5203

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5203-“That’s unfathomable.” Everyone was startled by James’ remark.

James said with a smile, “Don’t underestimate the Elemental Formation.”

The Elemental Formation was James’ latest creation. It was incredibly profound

and could unleash immeasurable strength.

Zavis said, “Alright. Then, let’s have some fun.”

“Let’s go.” James marched forward, and the others followed behind him.

Soon, they reached a massive spiritual mountain. The name of an elder from

the academy hovered in the sky above it.

James scanned the living beings gathered around it, who were attempting to

attack and conquer the spiritual mountain. Most were at the Sovereign Rank’s

early stages, and the strongest was only at the Sovereign Third Rank.

After analyzing the situation, James said, “Kill them all. It’s fine to die in the

Arena World anyway. Their souls won’t be obliterated and will be teleported out

to be revived by the Dieux Academy’s powerhouses.”

Zavis rubbed his palms and said, “I haven’t fought in a long time. You guys don’t

do anything. Leave them to me.”

After speaking, Zavis instantly entered the Marciais Path’s

Seventeenth Rank. The Spiritual Power in his body concentrated into a potent

force, then emerged from his body to form a fiery red halo about a meter high.

From a distance, Zavis looked like he was on fire.

After entering the Marcias Path’s Seventeenth Rank, Zavis had the strength

equivalent to the Sovereign Third Rank’s late stage.

The Marciais Path focused on pure physical strength, which allowed him to take

on an opponent at the Sovereign Fourth Rank even though he was only at the

Sovereign Third Rank’s early stage.


Zavis instantly appeared at the mountain foot. Before the living beings scattered

around the mountain could react, they were struck by spectral fists and killed

without having a chance to fight back.

James ordered, “Don’t waste time. Everyone attack together.”

The other three of James’ comrades quickly sprung into action. However, James

remained hovering in the same spot, silently watching the battle unfold.

The living beings around the spiritual mountain were relatively weak and were

not worth his time.

Zavis, Gaius, Gurgen, and Taran quickly wiped out a few living beings. Those

who survived the initial attack grasped the situation and instantly fled the area.

James’ group did not chase after them. Instead, they gazed toward the spiritual

mountain where hundreds of living beings had gathered.

Those on the spiritual mountain were from a fifth-level plane. The group’s leader

was the lord of the plane and was a powerhouse at the Sovereign Sixth Rank’s

early stage. His name was Tyson Martinez.

One of the living beings atop the mountain said, “This group is definitely up to

no good.”

Tyson looked at James’ party and smiled faintly. Then, he said, “So what if they

are up to no good? I’m at the Sovereign Sixth Rank. Plus, we have so many

powerhouses at the Sovereign Rank. With our collective strength, protecting this

spiritual mountain won’t be a problem.”

Tyson could not see through James but could sense Gaigus and the others’

cultivation rank. He was confident after discovering they were only at the

Sovereign Third Rank. He felt sending a few of his subordinates at the

Sovereign Rank was sufficient to take care of them.

At that moment, James suddenly approached the spiritual mountain. He

hovered in the sky and stared at Tyson, standing atop the mountain.

After their eyes met, Tyson shouted coldly, “Get lost, brat. If you’re sensible

enough, you should leave right now.

Otherwise, you’ll be eliminated early in the battle and won’t even have the

chance to occupy another spiritual mountain.”


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