The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5204

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5204-Tyson had no intention of taking action. Many participants had passed the initial

trials, but there were only a few spiritual mountains available in the Arena World.

He wanted to preserve his strength since he would encounter powerful enemies

soon. Therefore, he attempted to intimidate James into finding a weaker spiritual


“He’s at the Sovereign Sixth Rank’s early stage. He’s quite strong ” Zavis gently

massaged his forehead.

Taran said with a grin, “We’ll use him to test the Elemental Formation’s


Although their cultivation base was only at the Sovereign Third Rank, they had

mastered the Elemental Formation, which James had created with the Genesis

Path Scripture.

The Genesis Path Scriptures recorded the Genesis Path of several different

planes. However, the Genesis Paths were only the foundation that could be

used to cultivate powerful Supernatural Powers.

The Elemental Formation originated from the Genesis Path Scriptures, but other

people would never think to link the two together.

Zavis, Gaius, Gurgen, and Taran gathered before James, each taking a specific


At that moment, their auras transformed.

Zavis’ energy became a fire-attributed power. His body’s surface already had a

fiery halo after he had entered the Marciais Path’s Seventeenth Rank. Suddenly,

a burst of flames emerged and intertwined with the halo, causing a spectacular


Taran, on the other hand, acquired power with a wood attribute, and a green

halo appeared on his body’s surface.

Gaius’ power had the metal attribute, which presented in a golden aura. Lastly,

Gurgen had powers with an earth attribute, and a gray halo surrounded him.





They stood firmly in position, and they shouted their respective powers. At that

moment, the halos around their bodies transformed into mysterious inscriptions

and merged to form a magical power.

Even though they lacked one element, they could produce a potent force with

just four elements.

Their powers improved by leaps and bounds. At that moment, their strength was

equivalent to the early stage of the Sovereign Sixth Rank. If James were to have

joined them to complete the Elemental Formation, their strengths would have

reached the Petit Celestial Rank.

The Dieux Academy’s powerhouses supervised the Arena World and paid

special attention to powerhouses at the Petit Celestial Rank and the Sovereign

Sixth Rank. To them, these were candidates worth investing time and effort in.

“Huh?” Xhemal looked startled. He casually waved his hand and changed his

view to the spiritual mountain James’ group was at. He exclaimed, ‘That’s a very

powerful formation.”

Jorah said in surprise, “Unbelievable. They are only at the Sovereign Third

Rank, but they’ve acquired the strength equivalent to the Sovereign Sixth Rank

with the formation. That’s three ranks higher than their original ranks.”

Xhemal looked toward an elderly man in the hall and asked,” Sir Osborne,

you’re skilled in formations. What do you think about it?”


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