The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5205

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5205-Leonidas Osborne was one of the Dieux Academy’s elders. He was proficient in

formations and especially good at deciphering them. Throughout the countless

planes, his skills were one of the best.

Leonidas stared at Zavis, Gaius, Gurgen, and Taran. Then, he sensed their

auras. With a furrowed brow, he said, “It’s an extraordinary formation. They’ve

performed an inversion with four different elements to produce great powers.

Although the four elements aren’t completely compatible, they can mutually

reinforce each other. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see someone merge ordinary

elemental powers. However, they are using the most advanced Elemental

Inscriptions. These Elemental Inscriptions must have been extracted from the

Genesis Path from a ninth-level plane or above.”

After sharing his analysis, Leonidas took a deep breath.

Then, he commented, “It’s already impressive enough for them to have

extracted profound Elemental Inscriptions from the Genesis Path of a powerful

plane. But they managed to merge them perfectly. A great powerhouse must’ve

created this incredible formation.”

Xhemal’s face immediately lit up with excitement. He cheered, “Interesting!

According to their data, they are from a third-level plane. Yet, they cast such a

powerful formation. Moreover, there’s one that hasn’t taken action. If the five of

them join forces, they can combine five elements to perfect the formation. I’m

looking forward to seeing how much the complete formation can boost their


The powerhouses gathered in Dieux Academy were surprised by the scene.

Meanwhile, Zavis, Gaius, Gurgen, and Taran emitted powerful auras in the

Arena World. It was the first time they cast the Elemental Formation together,

and it took some time before they got used to the powerful force flowing through

their bodies.

Zavis was the first to take action. He charged forward and said, “I’ll go test his


He appeared atop the spiritual mountain in the blink of an eye.

Tyson’s face darkened, and a powerful force burst from his body. He dashed

out, flying in Zavis’ direction.

Zavis and Tyson swung their hands, and their palms clashed.


Two powerful forces intertwined.

Zavis’ strength was almost on par with Tyson. However, his cultivation rank was

still lower, and he had to rely on the Elemental Formation to increase his

strength. He could not immediately adapt to his newly acquired power and

utilize its full potential.

The confrontation ended with Zavis being knocked away.

Gaius, Gurgen, and Taran instantly flashed behind Zavis and poured their

powers into his body.

After receiving the other three elemental powers, Zavis’ strength reached the

Sovereign Sixth Rank’s late stage. He immediately disappeared from the spot

and flickered behind Tyson.

Before Tyson could react, he was already struck in the back and injured. He was

blasted away by the potent force and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Zavis, Gaius, Gurgen, and Taran quickly surrounded Tyson and fused their

elemental powers to form a potent formation.

Tyson was trapped inside the formation. He attempted to escape, but it was

already too late. His flesh was obliterated, and his soul was teleported out of the

Arena World.


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