The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5206

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5206-Tyson was the lord of a fifth-level plane and a powerhouse at the Sovereign

Sixth Rank’s early stage. However, he was killed by four humans at the

Sovereign Third Rank. He would have perished if they were not in the Arena


Following Tyson’s death, his subordinates left on the spiritual mountain were

terrified. They immediately evacuated and gave up the spiritual mountain. Since

they were not a significant threat, James and his comrades did not chase after


The Dieux Academy’s powerhouses watched in awe.






Leonidas exclaimed, “Outstanding. That’s a very exquisite formation. It utilizes

the elemental powers so precisely. I wonder which powerhouse created it.”

Xhemal stroked his beard and said smilingly, “Now, this is getting interesting.

Those participants at the Petit Celestial Rank from powerful planes, sects, and

families won’t have it easy this time.”

Zavis, Gaius, Gurgen, and Taran returned to James’ side.

“They were too weak. Let’s go challenge someone at the Petit Celestial Rank!”

Zavis’ confidence had skyrocketed.

James floated in the sky, staring intently at the spiritual mountain ahead.

“Forty-nine?” Taran looked at him, puzzled.

James snapped out of his thoughts, nodded lightly, and said, “Yeah?”

Gaius asked, “What were you looking at?”

James replied, “Sir Salvius mentioned a secret hidden within this realm. I was

trying to find it.”

“Did you find any clues?” asked Zavis.

James shook his head in response.

Again, Gaius asked, “So what do we do with this spiritual mountain?”

James thought awhile and answered, “Let’s set up a formation to prevent other

participants from occupying it.”

Afterward, James approached the spiritual mountain. He waved his hand, and a

few Elemental Inscriptions emerged to form an Elemental Formation.

Unless a powerhouse at the Petit Celestial Rank showed up, it was impossible

to break the Elemental Formation.

James looked at his companions and said, ‘You four should get familiar with the

power of the Elemental Formation first. Although you’ve already mastered it, you

haven’t fully adapted to it and can’t unleash its true potential.”

“Alright.” Zavis, Gaius, Gurgen, and Taran nodded.

Then, they began to familiarize themselves with the elemental power.

Meanwhile, James sat in a lotus position on the spiritual mountain. He closed

his eyes and carefully sensed his surroundings.

The Dieux Academy’s powerhouses commented on his actions.

“Could he have already noticed something?”

Xhemal said, “Not necessarily. We’re just giving the participants an extra

opportunity. I wasn’t expecting anyone to discover the secret hidden within the

realm anyway. If he manages to find it, he is indeed a rare genius. It would

mean he is observant and has high comprehension abilities.

Additionally, his other aspects have been honed to very high levels. His future

will be boundless.”

James used his senses to scan the Arena World. After some time, a smile

suddenly formed on his face. He did not leave in a hurry but waited for his

comrades to get more familiar with the power of the Elemental Formation.

After his comrades had adapted to their newly gained powers, James said,

“Let’s go.”

The group headed to the next spiritual mountain. Their next target was a

relatively small mountain. The participants who had taken over the spiritual

mountain were only at the Sovereign Fourth Rank.

However, the competition to seize control of the spiritual mountain was intense.

Countless participants at the Sovereign Second and Third Rank gathered

around and were fighting over it. Unfortunately, their fight was ended very

abruptly by James’ group.


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