The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5207

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5207-James and his comrades successfully took over the spiritual mountain without

the Elemental Formation.

After their second conquest, James set up another Elemental Formation around

the spiritual mountain.

Afterward, James did not hurry to their next target. Instead, he sat in a lotus

position atop the mountain. His companions were confused, but they did not

question him and just waited aside patiently.

Some time later, James stood up, and the group continued toward their next


another, they seized possession of the spiritual mountains.

In the Arena World, there were only 49 spiritual mountains. At that moment,

James’ group had already seized 40 spiritual mountains. Every time they took

over a new place, James would set up a formation. Then, he would stay atop

the mountain for some time.

The Dieux Powerhouses discussed his actions.

“Haha. He’s fascinating.”

“After occupying a spiritual mountain, he creates a powerful formation to prevent

weaker participants from invading. The stronger participants, on the other hand,

have their attention focused on the ten cities or more powerful spiritual

mountains. Thus, they aren’t wasting any time on the weaker options.”

“Is he trying to eliminate all the other participants?”

“That’s what it looks like.”

“Still, their previous opponents were on the weaker side.

From now on, he’ll have to defeat way stronger opponents from major sects.

Moreover, a few of them are at the Petit Celestial Rank.”

“I’m excited to see how this plays out.”

The Deiux Academy’s powerhouses were fascinated by the assessment in the

Arena World. Things had surpassed their expectations. Nobody expected a few

humans from a third- level plane to stir up such a storm in the Arena World.

They had strong impressions of James, Zavis, Gaius, Gurgen, and Taran. Many

of them had plans of recruiting them as disciples. It would be great to have the

Meanwhile, James sat in a lotus position atop a spiritual mountain they had just

seized, whereas his comrades rested.

After everyone had restored their strength, James stood up.

“Forty-nine, our next battles are going to be tough.” Zavis rubbed his forehead.

Gaius frowned and said, “There aren’t many spiritual mountains left. The

remaining spiritual mountains have been conquered by the stronger

participants. Then, there are also the ten cities left. Will we be able to seize

them all?”

James looked at them and said smilingly, “We won’t know if we don’t try.”

Zavis and the others were full of confidence in their first battle. However, Tyson

was killed rather quickly only because he underestimated them.

It was not easy for them to win their subsequent battles. Their following

opponents had mastered exceptional Supernatural Powers. Even with the

Elemental Formation, they were severely injured.

“We’ll be counting on you to settle the rest.”

James had yet to participate in any battles, and the Elemental Formation’s true

potential had not been unleashed. Thus, his comrades were looking forward to

testing its maximum strength.

The Dieux Academy’s powerhouses were also excited.

Meanwhile, the Elysium Hall’s Master, the Central Plane’s strongest

powerhouse, was also watching the assessment. He frowned and murmured

puzzledly, “The Central Plane’s five elements? After I mastered the Central

Plane’s Genesis Path, I’ve never passed it to anyone else. How did they acquire

it? Who taught it to them? Who’s the creator of such a potent formation?


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