The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5208

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5208-The Elysium Hall’s Master could tell James’ comrades were using potent Five

Elements of Genesis, and he concluded they belonged from the Central Plane.

However, he was still slightly off the mark. In truth, James and his comrades

were using Genesis Powers that were formed by combining the Genesis Paths

of many different planes.

Apart from the Elysium Hall’s Master, many other powerhouses were also

watching the Dieux Academy’s assessment because they had sent disciples to

partake in it. The formation that Zavis, Gaius, Gurgen, and Taran used left them


Many of them were lords of ninth-level planes and had cultivated their plane’s

Genesis Path. A plane’s Genesis Path consisted of many Genesis Powers,

including the Five Elements of Genesis. Thus, they could sense that the Five

Elements of Genesis used by James’ companions were profound. Even though

they had already mastered their respective plane’s Genesis Paths, they could

not completely understand their Genesis Powers.

James, who was inside the Arena World, knew their actions would draw a lot of

attention. However, he was not worried since he had already devised a


Soon, James’ group left the spiritual mountain and headed to their next


Many participants had been eliminated from the Arena World. However, there

were a few who had already given up and followed after James’ group to watch


Soon, James’ group arrived outside a powerful spiritual mountain. In the sky, a

few words were hovering above the mountain, reading—Waynolt Lubbertsz.

“Woah. It’s Sir Waynolt’s spiritual mountain.”

“Sir Waynolt is a powerful member of the Dieux Academy. He’s already at the

Martial Celestial Rank’s early stage.”

“I wonder who’s currently in control of this spiritual mountain.”

Many participants gathered in the distance, discussing the spiritual mountain.

Meanwhile, a handsome man wearing a green robe sat in a lotus position at the

mountain’s peak, with a few people standing behind him.

“Sir, they’ve arrived.”

The man opened his eyes and looked into the distance, immediately spotting

James’ group.

James and his comrades had stirred up a huge storm in the Arena World, and

many eyes were on them. The green-robed man was no exception.

The man’s name was Keagan Yahner, and he came from a seventh-level plane.

Surprisingly, he was not from a powerful

background. He relied on his own strength to become a Plane Lord and make a

name for his plane. He was currently at the early stage of the Petit Celestial


In his plane, there were several powerhouses at the Sovereign Sixth Rank and

a dozen at the Sovereign Fifth Rank. Additionally, there were many

powerhouses between the Sovereign First to Fourth Rank.

Keagan’s purpose for leading a group of powerhouses to participate in the

Dieux Academy’s assessment was merely to curry favor with them. His plane

was at the seventh level, which was considered very advanced. Despite that,

there was a significant number of eighth-level and ninth-level planes. In addition,

the Cental Plane was also very potent. There were too many threats to his

plane. Thus, he wanted to get on the Dieux Academy’s good side to ensure the

safety of his plane.

After seeing James’ group appear, Keagan’s face darkened. He slowly stood up

and looked at the humans approaching from the distance.

James and his companions stopped at the foot of the spiritual mountain.

Zavis frowned and said, “They are quite strong. Their leader is at the Petit

Celestial Rank. Amongst them, there are four at the Sovereign Sixth Rank, over

a dozen at the Sovereign Fifth Rank, and more than fifty at the Sovereign Fourth

Rank. They could definitely seize a city if they tried.”

Taran said, “Yeah. If they were to attack a city with only one powerhouse at the

Petit Celestial Rank, they would win.”

Zavis and the others stared at James.

James knew he would have to participate in the battle this time. If not, his

comrades would not be able to conquer the spiritual mountain.

Meanwhile, many people were spectating them. Everyone wanted to know how

powerful was the complete Elemental Formation and whether the five humans

at the Sovereign Third Rank could defeat a powerhouse from a seventh-level



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