The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5210

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5210-The four powerhouses at the Sovereign Sixth Rank’s late stage were killed in

the blink of an eye.

Although powerhouses from other sects also had the strength to fight against

opponents at the Sovereign Sixth Rank’s late stage, an instant kill was


James calmly hovered in the sky.

Keagan’s brows furrowed tightly. He knew James’ group was here to seize the

spiritual mountain.

fight off James’ group.

“Set up the formation,” Keagan quickly issued an order.

At that moment, the powerhouses behind him quickly leaped into the sky and

scattered around. Then, they unleashed powerful auras.

They wielded their swords and flickered throughout the sky. They unleashed

Sword Energies and fused into a strange pattern.

James also ordered, ”Attack! They’re setting up a powerful formation. It can trap

even a powerhouse at the Petit Celestial Rank.”

James’ group sprung into action, unleashing their elemental powers. Their auras

immediately interacted with each other.

Taran appeared outside the sword formation. However, the sword formation

suddenly spread toward him. He was careless and was trapped. Following his

confinement, he was stabbed by a few Sword Energies.

Suddenly, four different powers entered his body and boosted his strength.

He shouted, “Break!”

Then, a mysterious rune that he had summoned exploded. Cracks immediately

spread throughout the Sword Formation.

James and the other three instantly took action.

The powerhouses at the Sovereign Rank plummeted from the sky one after

another. Before they could reach the ground, their bodies were annihilated by a

powerful force.

James and his comrades quickly disintegrated the Sword Formation and killed

many of Keagan’s subordinates. At that moment, only a few of Keagan’s

subordinates were left on the spiritual mountain.

Keagan grumbled, “Damn it.” He raised his hand, and the elemental power from

the Genesis Path of his plane gathered into a long sword.

Then, his aura improved significantly. He stepped forward and slashed out his


A kilometer-long Sword Energy darted out, carrying unparalleled power.

Although they were within a secret realm created by powerhouses of the Dieux

Academy, his terrifying strength was enough to impact the surrounding space.

James’ group quickly evaded the attack.


The terrifying Sword Energy fell on the ground in the distance and created a pit.

The damage continued to spread, forming into a long, bottomless chasm.

Startled, Taran said, “He’s so strong. If that were to hit me, my soul would’ve

been obliterated.”

James’ group was surprised by the attack’s strength.

As expected from a powerhouse at the Petit Celestial Rank, Keagan had

terrifying strength.

Keagan held his dazzling long sword and slashed out, unleashing a few Sword


Taran quickly summoned a few Curse Inscriptions and converted them into an

invisible barrier.


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