The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5211

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5211-Boom!

Taran’s barrier was shattered, leaving him no choice but to evade into the


“Thunderous Tribulations!”

Gurgen instantly cast his Supernatural Power, and dark clouds covered the sky.

Countless lightnings crisscrossed and formed a Tribulation World.

Keagan was trapped within the Tribulation World and forced to face a series of


However, Keagan was at the Petit Celestial Rank and easily shattered the

Tribulation World with one move. He appeared in front of Gurgen and jabbed

with his sword.

Gurgen’s body suddenly turned into stone.

Keagan’s sword barely penetrated his skin, but his potent force caused Gurgen

to stagger backward.

At that moment, Zavis, Gauis, and Taran also launched attacks with their

Supernatural Powers.

Keagan was trapped in a Tribulation World once again. However, this time, it

was a Fifth-level Tribulation World.

James and his comrades’ powers superimposed and formed a Fifth-level

Tribulation World.

“Curse Magic.”

Before Keagan could escape the Tribulation World, Curse Magic had permeated

the air.

The Curse Magic instantly began to corrode Keagan’s body.

“Break!” Veins bulged on Keagan’s face, and his body suddenly grew more


He had performed a secret art to enhance himself. Now, his strength was at the

Petit Celestial Rank’s middle stage.

It was harder to improve one’s cultivation base after reaching the Celestial

Rank. Thus, it was impressive for Keagan to increase his power from the early

stage of the Petit Celestial Rank to the middle stage.

Curse Power. Shortly after, he shattered the Tribulation World. However, Sword

Energies containing mysterious inscriptions instantly surrounded him.

A Sword World had formed and trapped Keagan once again. Countless Sword

Energies shot toward him.

Keagan unleashed a dazzling aura to form a protective barrier against the

Sword Energies. Despite that, he struggled to resist the Sword World’s

pressure. His body was gradually pushed down from the sky, and he slammed

into the ground.

The ground split apart, and the cracks kept spreading out.

James could easily defeat Keagan alone. However, he refrained from doing so

because his comrades had never faced a formidable powerhouse like Keagan


Although they had used the Elemental Formation to obtain strength at the Petit

Celestial Rank, they could not adapt to their new powers nor exert their full

potential yet.

Therefore, they needed to partake in battles to better grasp the Elemental

Formation’s power.

James and his comrades summoned Sword Energies and combined them into a

multicolored giant sword.

The sword slashed through the air, causing cracks throughout the supposedly

stable void.

Keagan looked at the giant sword with a grim expression. He raised his sword

and unleashed a powerful burst of energy. His energy shot up toward the sky

like a dragon, and then he followed after it.


The two powerful forces collided and instantly shattered the Sword World.

James and his comrades quickly backed away but trapped Keagan between


Keagan had disheveled hair, and his body was soaked in blood. He panted

heavily as he glared at the five people around him resentfully.


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