The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5213

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5213-Keagan’s injuries were quite severe. Despite that, his aura remained strong.

Thousands of Sword Energies suddenly emerged and revolved around him to

form a terrifying Sword Formation.

Zavis, Gaius, Gurgen, and Taran were forced to retreat away from him. Despite

that, they kept flickering in the sky, looking for opportunities to strike.

Their battle had caught a lot of attention. Powerhouses from the Deiux

Academy, the Central Plane, and the participants at the Petit Celestial Rank

were spectating the match.

None of them had expected James’ party, which consisted of members at the

Sovereign Third Rank, to have forced a powerhouse at the Petit Celestial Rank

into a corner with their mysterious formation. Moreover, their opponent was

continuously injured.

Taran growled, “Damn it. He’s using really powerful Sword Energy to shield

himself. Not only do they have incredible defensive power, but their attack

power is also terrifying. It’s simply unpenetrable, and we don’t have the chance

to attack.”

At that moment, they were at a stalemate since they could not get close. Not

even their Elemental Formation could break through the Sword Formation.

James had backed away from the battle, and they were missing one crucial

element to complete the formation. Without him, their powers were far inferior.


Countless Sword Energies surrounded Keagan’s body. His long sword pointed

forward, and a few Sword Energies burst toward Taran.

Taran quickly backed away and summoned inscriptions to block the attack. The

inscriptions formed a barrier and withstood the constant attacks, but it was

gradually falling apart.

Meanwhile, James watched the battle from afar. He knew he had to participate

in the battle. Otherwise, his comrades would not be able to win.

Keagan was at the Petit Celestial Rank, after all, and had many combat means.


James appeared in front of Taran. His body suddenly transformed into countless

inscriptions. Two figures appeared, one sitting above the inscriptions and one


Gradually, the inscriptions formed into a mysterious formation.

Suddenly, one of the figures inside the formation disappeared. He appeared

before the Sword Energies and neutralized the attack with a power that did not

belong to their current era.

Immediately afterward, James’ past form appeared in front of Keagan.

Keagan was horrified. Before he could react, he was already struck in the


His body began to disintegrate and vanish. Afterward, his remaining soul was

teleported out of the Arena World.

After James cast the Elemental Formation, his strength improved significantly.

As a result, his past form had also grown stronger.

James was not afraid of his former identity being exposed.

The past form of himself in the formation only consisted of the Supernatural

Powers he had cultivated and did not have the aura of the Lord Supremus.

Moreover, the two figures changed according to his current body.

As long as he did not cast Supernatural Powers from the Genesis Path

Scripture, his past identity would not be discovered.

In the Dieux Academy, a few powerhouses stood up in shock, including Xhemal

and Jorah.

“What kind of Supernatural Power was that?”

“I’ve never seen or heard of such a thing before.”

“It’s a power that doesn’t belong to the current era.”

“I can tell it’s from the past.”

The powerhouses expressed their surprise. Everyone could sense that James’

past form had exerted a power that did not belong to their era. However, they

could not trace it back to where it originated from.


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