The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5215

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5215-James wanted to resolve the battle as soon as possible. With the blessing of the

Elemental Formation, his Tressencia Completare Art would be invincible in the

Arena World, and nobody could stop him.

Soon, James’ party arrived outside another massive spiritual mountain with

countless living beings atop it.

“Haha! Things are getting heated.”

“That’s Tazadarus Garcia, a powerhouse at the Sovereign Sixth Rank’s late


“Even though he’s only at the Sovereign Sixth Rank, he is really powerful. Even

those who had reached the Petit Celestial Rank try to avoid him.”

“He’s from the Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain.”

The crowd following James’ group was instantly excited after seeing the person

who had seized the spiritual mountain ahead.

“The Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain is one of the major forces in the Central


‘Tazadarus is a disciple of the Ancient Clan.”

Although Tazadarus was only at the Sovereign Sixth Rank, he had monstrous

strength. He was given a special title-the

strongest powerhouse at the Sovereign Rank.

Nobody else at the Sovereign Rank could compare to him. He had never lost to

someone else within the same rank. Moreover, he even managed to severely

injure a few opponents at the Petit Celestial Rank. As a result, many

powerhouses at the Petit Celestial Rank from other planes were way of him.

“Although Tazadarus is only at the Sovereign Sixth Rank’s late stage, he is

stronger than Keagan.”

“I wonder if they’ll be able to conquer this spiritual mountain.”

Many spectators were looking forward to the fight.

James and his companions floated outside the spiritual mountain.

Tazadarus slowly stood up and looked at James’ group. He chuckled playfully

and said, “You must have a death wish to have come to challenge me.”

His four comrades instantly activated the Elemental Formation.

The Elemental Formation was like a Supernatural Power that could only be cast

with the five of them to increase their powers.

After the Elemental Formation was activated, their auras improved significantly.

James stood in the forefront with his comrades behind him. “Let’s fight.” James’

voice resounded throughout the sky.

“If you are so eager to die, I’ll fulfill your wish.”

Tazadarus unleashed a potent aura and leaped into the sky.

James suddenly disappeared from the spot, and inscriptions spread throughout

the sky. Then, a terrifying formation appeared.

The formation instantly enveloped Tazadarus, and a crushing pressure fell on

him. He had to mobilize all his strength to resist. Despite that, he was still

struggling to escape.

“Come on, break!” he shouted, and his power flowed out to attack the formation.

However, the formation was too mysterious. After his power struck the

formation, it suddenly disappeared.

At that moment, James’ past and future forms appeared behind him. Then, they


Tazadarus wanted to evade them, but he was immobilized by the formation.

James’ past and future forms attacked simultaneously. Tazadarus could only

stand helplessly in the void as his body was obliterated.

Everyone was flabbergasted by the sight, including those at the Martial Celestial

Rank watching from the outside.


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