The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5214

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5214-Inside the Arena World, the participants were shocked by the battle.

“What was that?”

“His power is really bizarre.”

The powerful participants from various sects and major planes were startled.

After Keagan was defeated, James dispersed the formation. His past and future

forms disappeared.

Even Zavis and the others were astonished.

A few moments later, Zavis said smilingly, “Forty-nine’s Tressencia Completare

Art is incredible.”

Taran also said in awe, “He only used his past form. He hasn’t even used his

present and future form yet. I’m sure he can fight a powerhouse at the Great

Celestial Rank.”

James approached his comrades and said smilingly, “A powerhouse at the

Great Celestial Rank? You think too highly of me and underestimate the

strength of the Great Celestial Rank. To reach the Great Celestial Rank, one

has to go through countless obstacles and have cultivated powerful combat

skills. Although my Supernatural Power is powerful, my cultivation base is too


“Regardless, you’re still very powerful.”

“Yeah. Your strength is terrifying. It’s a pity we can’t cultivate it as well, or else

we’d be unstoppable.”

James’ comrades shared a few remarks.

“You guys should rest and recover first. I’ll go sit atop the spiritual mountain for a


After speaking, James headed to the spiritual mountain and sat in a lotus

position at its peak.

“What on earth is he up to? Why does he always have to sit atop the spiritual

mountain we seize?”

“Who knows?”

James’ comrades shrugged, confused by his actions.

Afterward, they dispersed the Elemental Formation and began to recover their

consumed strength.

Meanwhile, a discussion was also happening in the Dieux Academy.

An elder asked, “Do you think he already found it, Sir Xhemal?”

Xhemal stroked his white beard and said, “I divided the Dieux Academy’s

Supernatural Power into a few inscriptions and integrated them into the spiritual

mountains as well as cities. I was hoping the participants would find them. Even

if Forty-nine were to discover them, I doubt he can immediately comprehend

every inscription right after seizing a spiritual mountain.”

Jorah agreed, “Yeah. Our academy’s Feimsurge Art is incredibly potent. Apart

from the creator, nobody else has mastered it.”

“James must be just putting on a show.”

“Yeah. I don’t think he can find the Feimsurge Inscriptions.”

“Even if he finds them, it’s impossible for him to comprehend them.”

‘Yeah. It’ll be impressive if he even finds one of the inscriptions. I don’t think he’ll

be able to discover all of them.”

A lot of discussions were happening outside of the Arena World.

Meanwhile, the other powerhouse who had already occupied spiritual mountains

was worried. It was evident James was trying to seize all the spiritual mountains

and cities, judging by his recent actions. They knew he would attack them

sooner or later.

Even Keagan, a powerhouse at the Petit Celestial Rank, was eliminated.

Although they were confident taking on Keagan, they were worried after seeing

James display such great strength. Many of them were at a loss, looking for a

solution. Some even thought about joining forces with the other spiritual


However, they were not very familiar with each other. All of them were from

different forces and even planes. Not only were they unacquainted, but some of

them were on bad terms. Thus, joining forces was impossible.

James sat in a lotus position on the spiritual mountain for a while. Sometime

later, he stood up and stretched his body. Then, he looked at his comrades and

said smilingly, “I’m done. Let’s go.”

Zavis approached James and asked, “Did you discover something.”

James smiled silently in response.

Gaius said, “I’m sure he must’ve found something.”

“Let’s head to the next spiritual mountain. You guys won’t have to take action

from now on. I’ll personally take care of the rest.”

James did not want to waste any more time.


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