The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5216

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5216-Tazadarus was a disciple of the Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain and was acknowledged as the strongest powerhouse within the Sovereign Rank. Yet, he had no chance to resist and was killed instantly.

Xhemal, who was watching from the Dieux Adadem/s main hall, smiled. Then, he said, “I thought he was an arrogant guy for requesting resources from an eighth-level plane for an entrapoch. I never expected him to be quite capable.”

Jorah stood up, glanced at the other elders in the main hall, and said, ‘Til recruit him as my disciple. You guys better not dare to snatch him from me.” The Dieux Academy’s Great Elder quickly claimed James as his disciple. Inside the Arena World, James was still sitting atop the newly acquired spiritual mountain. Nobody knew what he was up to, not even his comrades.

Meanwhile, the powerhouses that have acquired the other spiritual mountains gathered together. Many of them belonged to powerful sects and planes.

‘They are terrifying. Even Tazadarus, a disciple of the Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain, was killed so easily.

They will attack us soon, so we must unite and get rid of them. Otherwise, they are going to pick us off one by one.”

One of the participants at the Petit Celestial Rank made a suggestion. “I agree.”

“Me too.”

“We should join forces to kill them first.”

Several others expressed their agreement.

The powerhouses that had conquered spiritual mountains discussed how to get rid of James’ party.

The other participants who had occupied the ten cities were not interested in taking action since they were confident in themselves. They were talented prodigies from the Central Plane and the best of the best. In the past, they have defeated countless cultivators to get to where they are today. Even though James displayed great strength, they had no intentions of joining forces with the other participants. Moreover, they were curious to see how James would overcome the crisis. Many participants at the Petit Celestial Rank and the

Sovereign Sixth Rank were uniting to eliminate them. ‘The remaining participants are quite tough.”

‘The Valiant Alliance’s Jastra Plaingrove will not be an easy opponent.

“Bladud Jabez from Salubergh is also powerful. With the two of them joining this alliance, I wonder how Forty-nine will deal with them.”

The Dieux Academy’s powerhouses were excited to see the many powerhouses joining forces. They looked forward to seeing James overcome the situation and defeat their alliance. If he succeeded, he would become a legend. At the same time, the Diuex Academy could recruit an incredibly talented

disciple. They were certain James would become a peerless powerhouse with the proper guidance and resources.

After sitting on the spiritual mountain for a while, James suddenly stood up.

Zavis reported to him with a solemn tone, “During this period, the current owners of the remaining spiritual mountains have joined forces.”

“Oh?” James was slightly surprised.

Immediately afterward, he chuckled and said, “Let them be. It’ll save me the time of finding them one by one.”

‘The current situation isn’t looking optimistic for us. According to the news we’ve heard, they have about five powerhouses at the Petit Celestial Rank and many powerhouses at the Sovereign Sixth Rank. These participants are from major planes and forces. Thus, they must have exceptional Supernatural Powers.” James replied smilingly, “So what? You can also reach the Petit Celestial Rank with the Elemental Formation.”

Taran said doubtfully, “Even though we can gain the strength of the Petit Celestial Rank, our cultivation ranks are still pretty weak. We’re not really at the Petit Celestial Rank and can’t unleash its full potential.”

Gaius added, “With the blessing of the Elemental Formation, the four of us can deal with an opponent at the Petit Celestial Rank but can’t kill him.


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