The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5217

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5217-After the previous battle, Zavis, and the others knew they would be of little help in acquiring the remaining spiritual mountains and cities. Whether they could completely conquer all the areas in the Arena World was up to James.

James said calmly, “Don’t worry.”

Their opponents were a few powerhouses at the Petit Celestial Rank and the Sovereign Sixth Rank. Without the Elemental Formation, James might have to cast all his combat means to stand against an opponent at the Petit Celestial Rank. On the contrary, he could easily fight a group of them with the Elemental Formation’s enhancements.

“I’ll be fine as long as you guys guys don’t get eliminated. If that happens, I won’t have the blessing of the Elemental Formation and might be unable to win.

So try not to get killed.”

James reminded them to protect themselves and survive at all costs. Despite his words, he had complete confidence in them. After activating the Elemental Formation, their strengths would also be improved significantly. Even thoughthey could not completely exert the strength of the Petit Celestial Rank, they could at least protect themselves.

James stretched his body and said, “Let’s go.”

His group quickly left the spiritual mountain. Previously, James had set up formations to protect the spiritual mountain they had conquered. However, he did not bother doing so anymore since most of the powerhouses that had seized the other spiritual mountains had joined forces. As for the crowd following them, he let them be.

Soon, James’ group arrived at a spiritual mountain. Atop the mountain was a densely packed group of creatures in human forms. In total, there were tens of thousands of them.

Standing in the forefront were powerhouses at the Petit Celestial Rank, followed by those at the Sovereign Sixth Rank. The rest varied from the Sovereign Third Rank to the Fifth Rank.

‘They’re here.”

Many creatures on the spiritual mountain trembled after seeing James’ group. Even though they had many powerhouses gathered together, James displayed

terrifying strength and even killed the strongest powerhouse within the Sovereign Rank.

A man atop the mountain stared at James and said, “You’re finally here, Fortynine. Remember me. I’m Jastra Plaingrove from the Valiant Alliance.”

“It doesn’t matter where you’re from. You’ll be eliminated very soon.”

James remained calm, but in truth, he was provoked. The Valiant Alliance was one of the ten strongest forces in the Central Plane. In the past, the Valiant

Alliance’s leader was one of the main perpetrators who wanted to kill him.

Another person stepped forward and said calmly, “I’m Bladud Jabez from Salubergh.”

Salubergh was also one of the strongest forces in the Central Plane. The reason they had sent members to the Dieux Academy was not to be recruited as disciples.

Instead, they participated mainly to show off. Since ancient times, powerhouses have come to the Dieux Academy to cultivate. Over time, it became the standard.

“I’ll take everyone on at once,” James said calmly.

After speaking, James and his comrades quickly activated the Elemental Formation. With the formation’s blessing, their auras increased rapidly. The five of them gained the strength of the Petit Celestial Rank once again. With the Elemental Formation’s enhancements, James was invincible in the Arena World.

While emitting a potent aura, James said calmly, “Come at me together.

Otherwise, you guys won’t have a chance.” James’ confident voice echoed through the area.


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