The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5218

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5218-Jastra from the Valiant Alliance and Bladud from Salubergh were well-known powerhouses. Besides them, there were another three participants at the Petit Celestial Rank.

Although they were not from the Central Plane’s top ten forces, they came from ninth-level planes.

In addition, there were a bunch of powerhouses at the Sovereign Sixth Rank.

However, everyone knew cultivators at the Sovereign Rank would have no business participating in the fight. It was a battle for those at the Petit Celestial Rank.

Ultimately, it was up to the five powerhouses at the Petit Celestial Rank todefeat James. To them, James was arrogant to have challenged all of them.


Jastra was the first to make a move. He leaped into the air and was followed by Bladud. The other three also followed suit.

The five of them were men.

“My name is Sigel Lamagnon. I’m from the Whiord Plane.”

“I’m Haktla Hacyon from the Hazock Plane.”

“Xorn Schmidt, the Welrich Plane.”

After introducing themselves, they unleashed their powerful auras. With five powerhouses at the Petit Celestial Rank, their collective strength was enough to dominate countless planes.

However, James did not flinch in the face of his opponents. He turned to his comrades and said, “Don’t get involved. Just stay behind me.”

Zavis, Gaius, Gurgen, and Taran nodded.

The Dieux Academy’s powerhouses commented in the main hall.

“Woah, impressive. He’s only at the early stage of the Sovereign Third Rank, but he is challenging five opponents at the Petit Celestial Rank. Regardless of the

battle’s outcome, it will make history.”

“I kinda hope Forty-nine will win and become a legend.”

The powerhouses watched the battle intently and occasionally exchanged opinions.

In the Arena World, the other powerhouses who had occupied the ten cities were also watching the battle. They were stunned to see James attempting to take on five opponents at the Petit Celestial Rank.

Even though with their strengths, they managed to seize a city, none of them could fight five opponents at the Petit Celestial Rank. Not even Wubbe from the Elysium Hall dared to fight five of them at once.

The spectators gasped at James’ bravery and quickly backed away into the distance.

James floated in the sky with his hands behind him. At that moment, five elemental powers were flowing within him. Four of his powers came from his comrades. After casting the Elemental Formation, they could freely use each other’s powers.

“You must have a death wish.” Jastra was also calm. He raised his hand, and a shiny golden sword that emitted a potent force appeared.


“It’s the Jastra Sword.”

“Jastra is the disciple of the Valiant Alliance’s Leader. The Valiant Alliance controls many powerful planes. His master had gone to great lengths to refine the sword for him. I heard it was made using the Genesis Power of an eighthlevel plane. “It’s a weapon with the strength of the late stage of the Great Celestial Rank.”

“With this sword, Jastra can fight against an opponent at the late stage of the Petit Celestial Rank.”

After Jastra summoned his sword, many spectators began to discuss its origin.


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